Acura MDX deal offered :: Dallas 2018 base

So Acura reaches out asking me to send them numbers to work with
I made this on the calc. Is this realistically a good deal to present or am I not doing my home work right ? They are ready to offer me a car with no stupid addon of tints lol

You are not asking for much (8% dealer discount and base money factor), they should accept this unless they are selling them base MDXs like hot cakes…

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Ask for $420 tax included with absolute 0 due at signing, so only 35 payments.

And make em wait till next week.

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My wife currently drives a 2016 MDX fwd with Tech. The lease matures in Oct, but Acura is allowing us a 3 month early return if we lease another Acura, so that means we can get one as early as July. The lease deal offered by Acura sounds pretty good - $419/mo with $2800 due at signing. Few questions:

  1. Has anyone gotten this deal? It sounds really good. Are dealers inclined to give this deal to customers or are they just going to upsell? That’s what happened last time. We went in on a lease special on the base model, then they talked my wife into the Tech package, and I ended up paying $11k drive-off (down payment, tax, fees, etc) and $300/mo. Probably a very bad deal.

  2. For current owners of 2018 Acuras with Tech package - do you feel that it’s worth it? I think with support for Apple Carplay, the navigation is completely useless. The backup warning and blind sport warnings are nice safety features. My wife really like the puddle lights.

Are the deals right now any better than they were 3 years ago since they now have a real competitor in the Lexus RXL? So that’s another one that we are considering, but for that we would have to wait until October.

One last question. We got our MDX pre-inspected already, but it’s only good for 90 days. So if we decide to wait until October, we would have to get another inspection? Do we have to pay for the second inspection? The first one was free.

I am a newbie here and educated myself on the basics before reaching out to dealers in my area for quotes on a base SH-AWD. I finally got one for $456/month including sales tax with zero down payment. It is for 36 months and 10k miles per year. The residual is 58% and MF 0.0005. I only paid the lease acq. fee and dealer fees + registration/title upfront.

Negotiate the selling price off the MSRP first and then factor in the Acura incentives. $2,050 for base and $2,950 for Tech and Advance versions.

I did not personally feel like paying extra for the Tech package. But if you score a good deal, go for it.

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I have a 2017 MDX advance. The only difference with the 2018 is the apple/android play. The RX350L is still a tad bit smaller than the MDX. But the bigger problem is the pricing on the Lexus lease. Right now Lexus thinks they have created something out of this world with the L, which is nothing but the same rx stretched out. But the proce difference between the RX and RXL varies between 100 to 150 bucks. If you really like the L version wait a little more. Probably till close to yiur lease ending or atleast when the 2019s start rolling in.
Whereas with the MDX, the deals will definitely get better closer to October. You can always call the inspection company and ask about 2nd inspection fees/charges if any but Im surprised they already did rhe inspection without lease term being within 60 days.

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@wrxdev That sounds like an awesome deal that you got! I don’t think you get much for the Tech package, but my wife… I don’t think I can talk her out of it. Where did you find out about the Acura incentives, and are those just for a lease? On carjojo, the lowest on a base model near my area is $40,962 which is $4,213; I’m not sure if that includes the Acura incentives or not. Did you get that deal over email or did you have to go in and haggle?

@mani_is_kool Acura sent us a 3 month early lease offer if we buy/lease another Acura. So as long as we get another Acura, we can get it as early as next month, but if my wife is set on the Lexus, we’ll have to wait until late Sept to early Oct. And yeah, I did noticed that there are no deals on the Lexus. I guess they’re selling/leasing well.

Check it out on Edmunds forum under 2018 Acura MDX Lease Offers. I worked the deal over email and had 2 dealers compete. Then went to the one I liked and signed the lease.

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I scored a 425 with 1000 down. Haven’t take it yet. 2018 base.

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Dude, that’s an amazing deal. I filled out a form online and a sales guy called me. We talked for a few minutes. He followed up with an email. I emailed him back asking for total drive-off costs, but no response. I live in Carlsbad, CA and this seems to be the trend. They don’t want to do anything over email. They just want you to come in.

@wrxdev Thanks for the tip. I’m finding that thread on the Edmunds forums very useful. People getting some really good deals on the MDX.

I had to get the dealers to fight each other. One got me Pre-Approved for 1500 450 pm and then I went to the other who offered 1000 425. I am going to sign the deal next week probably.

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Hey there so finally for folks in Texas the deal I got was 1200 down 429 35 months 39821 discounted msrp. This is so far the best rate I found in dfw north and no one wanted to go lower .

Manufacturer price was 45195 . If anyone needs one in dfw north message me and I’ll give u the dealer info. This is a base mdx fwd

They included tinting nitrogen in tires as well

I had the same Mf, with 1200 down and sales tax included I am at 429 with 35 months remaining so infact my down was just 1200 -429 = 771, although I have a plus I am at 12k miles a year. If you have time to negotiate show them my deal. I have the same Mf as yours plus tax credits to cover the taxes since I don’t want to pay taxes now since in Texas you will pay them twice when I buy the car out at the end of the lease my buyout I negotiated too at 25. Since

Great deal. Mine is the all wheel drive version though, so pretty much awash when compared. GA used to have sales tax on the full MSRP of the vehicle upfront and that changed starting 1/1/2018. Now we are taxed 7% only on the leased amount. My MSRP was 47,195 and selling price was 40,900 something.

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can you pm me your lease details and dealer/sales rep info?

send me a private pm if you are in the north dfw area and ill send you the details.

Hi, I am looking for the same deal. would you please let me know the dealer’s name and contact. I am new to this forum. I live in south Florida area.

The dealer is in Dallas Texas. I am happy to share the details but i am not sure how and if they deal with out of state texas folks.