Acura MDX deal offered :: Dallas 2018 base

I just got this lease deal offered for mdx. I doubt it is a good deal. Residual 57 percent and MF: .00120

Wanted y’all community members expert opinion

Looks pretty bad, that $989 dealer add on stuff is total bs. Also check the edmunds forums but the MF looks marked up. Lastly you should aim for better dealer discount…

What is MSRP?

Also what is with the $989 for tint, locks, nitro, def, resistall? need to remove this entirely. IMO. But either way, $650 payment with $1000 doesn’t sound good. You can be driving a Q7 for this much.

Probably not in Texas with taxes on the selling price.

Awesome, just asked about MF. So he called me now saying dealer can cover the tax towards credits but that still brings the payment to around 600 which i still feel is WAY tooo much for a midsize suv.

For this price, xc90 or x5?

Acura has a promotion where they do $419 per month with $3,299 down including first month payment. I am sure you can score a much better deal than what you are being currently offered and even better the one Acura is currently offering.

On a $60k selling price an X5 is $100/month in taxes alone and that’s before a .00166 MF.

Still better than 650 for an mdx right?

Just think there’s better cars for that kinda cheese.

IDK if the 2018 has changed…but

I remember checking out an MDX a couple years ago. I know everyone shares parts to some extent (Nissan:Infiniti, Toyota:Lexus, Chrysler:Maserati, etc) but almost the entirety of the MDX interior seemed lifted out of Odyssey. The leather seats, all the plastics, the annoying dual screen infotainment…almost everything

It is basically a Honda Pilot in a tuxedo.

To the OP, if you’re set on an mdx get some quotes from other dealers. Personally I don’t deal with places that make you pay for dealer installed options.

Thats insane. With first due at signing has to be between 450 to 480 on a 3 yr 12k term. Its a base trim.

Eek! Run!
I think the 2018 has a new infotainment software and Apple CarPlay standard. Perhaps see if there’s any 2017 leftovers.
I’d get an XC90 for less $ but if you’re set on the mdx, definitely shop around.

I doubt any 2017 left or lease program available. The 2018 only has new infotainment which supports apple and android carplay as u mentioned.

I am a plan eligible and reached out to Volvo for xc90 but the dealers on the north side have some serious issues on numbers for Volvo, I have been with Benz for ages so they are offering me a good deal but I want to switch. Trying Fort Worth to see if I can get some good deals in that area.

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I am leaning towards a CX9 now. I saw a pilot EXL today for 350 but Honda isnt getting past plastic visibility on their dashes. I am still investigating the price breakdown for MDX to see what it comes out to after i get the residual and MF back from edmunds (Thank you to @moodyhank) but i know friends who are paying way below 450 on an MDX. They only added apple car play. Rest seems the same as 2017 to me.

Don’t compare monthly payments unless you know that the due at signing, taxes, and milage allotments are identical between the leases you are comparing.

I think CX-9 is the best value in the 3 row crossover segment this month especially if you have Mazda loyalty. I negotiated 10% dealer discount before the manufacturer incentives and looking at $340 for the Touring with Premium package and $400 for the GT with only first month’s payment due at signing for 36/12 and 8% tax included.

QX60 is also a great value if you are in the tri-state area but my local Infiniti dealers are not willing to discount the car below invoice so I cannot duplicate the great deals posted here.

Ok so for anyone looking for an MDX in Dallas TX this month, this is what i got for a 12k 36000 miles. This dealer is off my list as he is inflating the MF although my credit score i told him was excellent. I am reaching out to others and visiting CX9 too.

.00050 MF
$2050/$2950 incentive for Base/Tech
57%/55% residual for Base/Tech
(regardless of FWD/AWD)

CX9: Since residual here in Dallas and MF are : .00047 MF and 61%, i feel CX9 is the way to go indeed @moodyhank . Has more options on the description vehicle they sent me for test drive this evening.

Mazda will probably have a $500 Memorial Day bonus so wait until the end of the month if you decide to lease the CX-9.