About to throw the Towel but DONT want to order a Tesla - what to do?

I noticed yesterday no more xc-40’s on Volvo care site? Only the 60 and 90 $$$. I could be mistaken, I didn’t look that hard.

I think it changes all the time depending on availability

EDIT: >1000$ for XC40 :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

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If it’s only first month down, I would say $680 for a $50K car is not a terrible deal in current market conditions.

Are you sure a broker + shipping fee is not worth it? They seem to be posting pretty aggressive numbers on BMW in the current market and a lot of them let you build to order, to spec the exact options and colors you want. You certainly have the time to wait for your car to come in.

Yeah that 680 with 0 DAS
I already have 6.5% off MSRP on in stock 22 units. broker+shipping will not be worth it - I see some 8% on broker orders.
Also BMW dropped the parking assistance package on new orders - that feature is a must for my wife (or me) as insurance policy in our smaller garage. Anyway I think I will probably take a break from BMW for the time being.

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I had a highway patrol Police officer inspected my car seat installation and his recommendation was to use seat belt whenever possible.

Also agree on pick up trucks, hands down the best car for families with kids.

Throwing this out here, and have suggested once in the past, maybe look at a subaru purchase. If you can make a Crosstrek or Forester work it could get you through the next year. Donate $500 to the ASPCA to get a guaranteed price of 2% under invoice and then financing rates are reasonable. Given the resale value on subaru’s, even outside of the current market, you could end up with a decent resale value that puts you in a great position to sell the car when lease rates stabilize. I am in the exact same situation with my wife as we are expecting in November. Please keep us up to date on your final decision!


Man I love Subie’s. I’m watching their new wrx release like a hawk. Of course, I wouldn’t want a wrx to be my only family mobile, but I’m so curious what they are going to make.

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That’s the recharge. Those must have just been added, and it’s all inclusive … including car insurance. But yeah, it’s a premium… but the flexibility is fabulous! I think we are going to see a lot more of this model of sales as time goes on. If I were a manufacturer which would I prefer? A large dealer network with all its hassle and expense or direct to consumer, no haggle sales model that Tesla has demonstrated works like a top. Of course most of them have no idea why people fan over tesla so hard… it likely has little to do with the car itself and more to do with the fact Musk is the most interesting person in the world right now. And let’s not forget the Tesla youtube invasion fostered by hefty affiliate links.

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It changes all of the time.

At least right now, Care By Volvo program has only a few configurations of each model, each of which is in limited quantities. The vehicles and pricing change all of the time, which probably has some part due to the current car market.

Volvo is trying to do this as well, at least using Care By Volvo. The price is set when you sign up and you go to the dealer to pick of the vehicle and sign predetermined paperwork. The only thing the dealer does is complete the PDI and give you a complimentary coffee. However, I don’t think Volvo wants to affect its dealership structure anytime soon.

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My Tesla 3, which I ordered in July, just got pushed back to October delivery. Current orders are for January, and my guess is February is the earliest you’ll get one.

Plus they raised the deposit to $250 from $100. It is not refundable if you cancel.

Subaru Forester is a great family car btw.


Tesla is pretty over rated. The car tech that’s pretty nice. The rest is trash like any other American manufacturer

I’m in a quite similar situation. I haven’t figured out what car to get next but I can share my i3 + newborn + visiting in-laws experience as I’m a bit ahead of you. Just like you, I was worrying about only having an i3 with the newborn and visiting in-laws and I considered to purchase our close-to-lease-end X1 but eventually decided to just keep the i3 and it’s working well for us.

We’ve been driving our newborn around in an i3 as the only car for a few months. Happy to report we had no issues so far. The Nuna Triv fits nicely into the trunk. You may also consider Donna stroller/carseat, which will free your trunk space.

Once thing to keep in mind is that with the newborn, you will drive around with the baby much much less than you think.

As for the in-laws visiting - yes, you definitely won’t be able to fit your family + in-laws into your i3. But if you want to take your entire family on a trip once a while, just rent a car over the weekend. It won’t set you back too much.

Our i3 is due next March. I sold our leased X1 for a ~$4k profit back in July. Planning to use that money + whatever we have saved by downsizing to one car to buy a Tesla or lease a BMW next April/May - assuming the market won’t improve too much by then.

If going with i3 as the only car sounds plausible, then you would have a few more months to figure out your next car.


Thanks @cartoman for the insightful post. Did extend my I3 lease until early January which will give me more time to explore vehicles/opportunities. And I agree our outings with winter and COVID surge will be very limited anyway. Parents will be one at the time so hoping my/her mom can fit behind me (6’1).
Our stroller is a bit bigger than the one you have and it’s really tight. Would you mind PM ing me pictures of how the infant seat looks in the I3? (We don’t have ours yet but was curious)

Edit: BMW offered me an extra 90 days which takes me to early February with the I3 at sub 150/payments…even if market still sucks I would still be saving with this low payment for the time being.

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I was in similar situation, but you can monitor existing inventory and they appear time to time there. I ordered one last week and should be delivered by end of month.

I have a Bolt EUV lease that is being bought back by GM…so until that happens, I really don’t need a third car…I can wait…in fact it may work out fine depending on the terms of the lemon law buyback…fortunately, never had to do one until now, so I have no idea what the time frame/terms are.

It’s a fee, not a deposit.


There’s very little point monitoring manually since people have automated scripts to get notified and put a deposit down immediately. There’s a discord on the TMC forums for anyone wanting to get in on that action.

PS: much of the “existing inventory” does not actually exist beyond a VIN and is therefore not in inventory. It’s a shorter wait than a brand new order from scratch though.

As I mentioned, I literally last week went to website, clicked inventory there was 5 or 6 in NY Metro area and I’ve ordered one, so probably it is not that overhyped. Because when scalpers scripts work like for PS5, there is almost no chance.

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Agreed, it’s a non-refundable order fee. But it does come off the bottom line at delivery.

No, it doesn’t. It’s on top of the price, destination, doc, etc.

Look again at your order if you’ve put one in recently.