2022 Subaru Impreza 6.5% off MSRP Purchase

Financed (not leased) a 2022 Subaru Impreza Premium Hatchback. This is my first car and my goal was to not pay MSRP in this market. I considered building a Jeep through Clutch but couldn’t wait that long.

Credits to @carmac55 for sharing this approach - About to throw the Towel but DONT want to order a Tesla - what to do? - #47 by carmac55

My timeline
9/22 - Placed $1000 deposit for the factory build
10/21 - Car arrived at dealership
10/30 - Picked up car and signed deal

MSRP: 23,655
Sales price: 22,120 (6.5% off MSRP - see bullet point bellow)
Finance rate: 48 months @ 1.9% through Subaru Financing (Chase)
Monthly payment: $542.53 with 10.4% tax (ouch)

  • technically the sales price is 22,620 (4.4% off) if you factor into account the $500 donation to ASPCA to get VIP Pricing. There’s another cheaper way, but takes 6 months of donation. Details here. I did not consider the $500 as part of the vehicle price and meant it as a donation, plus my employer had a 100% match so it’s good for the cause, but including it here to normalize the datapoint.

Leasehackr calculator if I were to lease the car, using September program from Edmunds. It’s unfortunate the base MF is that high.

Would you have leased or purchased this Impreza?


Purchase you made the right choice


If I may ask, why did you go for the Premium over the Sport?

How did the dealer agree to apply that?

So ca dealers bunch of greddy rats

Trust me it was a tough choice. I had most, if not all, the features I needed on the premium such as heated seats. I love the rims & look on the Sport though, just didn’t feel it was worth paying a few grand just for that.

One thing my research let me down was that I thought Premium could support remote start through the app, but turns out I need to get a genuine key fob for like $400. I believe the Sport has remote start built in.

I called all the dealers (like 6 of them) in the region and only one honored 2% under invoice. 2 others only did invoice, and the rest didn’t honor any discounts.

All of them were only on new factory builds, not even cars in transit.

This post on ascent forums has some dealers that honored VIP pricing pre-shortage

Good on you for getting something under MSRP. Especially in this era of carlessness. I was speculating that the roof racks won you over, but seeing you’re in WA, heated seats make more sense haha.


The only lingering thought I have with this deal is if I should have purchased or leased:

Why purchase

  • lease APR is bad, why not lock in historically low rates while I could
  • more exit flexibility, with lessors clamping down on 3rd party buyouts
  • skipping acquisition fee
  • historically Subaru has been better purchased than leased and retains value well, plus I don’t expect to drive more than 7.5k miles per year

Why lease

  • lower monthly payment
  • shorter time commitment, I might not be able to keep the car for longer than 2 years
  • downside protection on residual if used car market goes bust (though unlikely since less new cars today means less used cars in 2-3 years)

I know this is leasehackr, and potentially biased to leases. But curious what folks here think.

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Sometimes it makes more sense to buy instead of lease.

You did well!


Congrats! Great to hear your car came in and it looks fantastic. Coincidentally, we just ordered a Subaru Outback for my wife through the same process. Enjoy the car!

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Congratulations! Beautiful car and color.

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I’m going to second @IAC you did good, even in a bad or good market with Subaru. To me Subaru is always a purchase vehicle for how well they hold value.


My family did the same thing recently in Tucson AZ on a 2022 Subaru Outback. Donated 500+ dollars to ASPCA. Waited 2.5 months for the car. Subaru gave us 500 dollars in accessories credit as an apology for the long wait. Agreed at 1.9 with resale leasing did not make sense. Dealer here gives two years of maintenance as well. In Tucson Arizona they only required a $500 deposit. In AZ had no issue finding a dealer to honor the program. If you want a new Subie this program is the ticket.

how much discount you got from the Subaru outback if you don’t mind I ask?

Also, don’t forget to call SoA to see if they have loyalty coupons (if you’ve leased/owned a Subaru before). They sometimes will give $500 or more that will have a material impact to your final lease payment.

Also, if you can plan 6 months out, I believe you can access the VIP program for as little as $50, but you have to wait 6 months for access

On our Outback (Touring 2.5) 8.4% discount off MSRP. In my area all dealers were requiring a $499 dealer processing fee which takes this to a 7.2% discount. When you add in taxes for my state (Maryland) and all associated governmental fees it brings you to a total discount off MSRP of 0.5%. The reason I looked at this final percent is because I was basically covering all my governmental fees via the VIP discount, plus a nominal additional discount, which for me was a nice fact (this will likely be irrelevant for most others). Given used Outback’s (1-2 years old) are currently selling for new Outback prices it seemed like a reasonable decision in this market.

@fronk thanks for sharing this. I called a few dealers over the last couple days and found two who honor the VIP program mentioned. Visited both in person, saw their allocations… got 5.5% off MSRP on a base 2022 Forester.

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Sorry, I know it has been some time since this was posted. The only cash put forth was the $1000, yes? All other fees were rolled into the loan?

I got the $1000 deposit refunded, and rolled everything into the loan. Good luck!


Ah! Very nice! Thank you for the info.