About to finance fully-loaded 2023 EQS 580. 3.5k miles. MSRP 146k; I got them down to 115k. Any reason I shouldn't buy?

Yes, it’s being shipped, from Florida to New York. He told me I can find my own shipping company if I want, probably for a lot cheaper. So that $900 doesn’t have to stick around.

I have three small kids (going on four soon), so yes, the third row is essential. Admittedly I did not verify how much room the EQS third row has, but if it’s like our Lexus GX at home, it’s good enough for my kids.

What’s trash, the Model X? I was actually thinking of getting that, lol. Crappy interior, without a doubt, but seems like a decent value with all the price slashes. No?

Not sure you want to ship this car for cheaper than 900. That is pretty reasonable and any cheaper is probably going to be somewhat sketchy.



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Buying a car, that costs as much as a small house – and has some documented quality issues… site unseen and having it shipped for bottom dollar. This is only gonna get better. I would be insisting on covered transport.


Really? My father-in-law bought a GLE in Tampa a couple years back, and had it shipped for $300. I was thinking of using whoever he used… But if you guys think it’s too sketchy…

By the way, I just want to take a minute to thank everyone here. You guys have been amazing, and saved me a metric fuck-ton of money.


I can give my guys’ info. Says he will do it for $800


You do you, if you found someone to ship the car for 300 bucks I would be really surprised if it got there on time and in one piece

The concept of buying a 6 fig car and then having it shipped for absolute bottom dollar is probably not a great combo.


I thought the mods closed this thread.

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Maybe one day we’ll learn the story about whether the 4 kids he has were planned…

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I would really go sit in an EQS and see the third row. I don’t think it’s as spacious as you think.

More importantly - can your wife get past the second row to put 2 infants/toddlers in car seats in the 3rd row?

PS, just got this quote for a Sienna Platinum here in Cali. These flippin’ things are expensive! The loaded EQS doesn’t sound half bad if the size is ok lolol.

Sienna Platinum AWD, $1,300 for 36 months with $4000 Cash Down. 12,000mi/yr. (remember my sales tax is 8.75% here in NorCal). I’m also not haggling - but I don’t know any Toyota Brokers.

Can you send over his info, please?

I don’t think there is much haggling over Siennas. Also, Siennas aren’t exactly lease machines.

Man, i pay less than half than that in my financed carnival.

I have never seen a dealer manipulate rv. I have seen dealers quote the wrong miles per year, which would have a different rv and i have seen dealers auote different banks which have different residuals.

I have also seen a ton of confused consumers think the dealer was messing with the rv because they had no idea what was actually being presented to them.

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OP came back for more feedback, folks being civil… so no need to close it or turn on slow-mode (yet) :grin:


Final numbers, at 7.5k miles. Thank you again, gentlemen.

I know this vehicle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but my wife and I drove it, and we fell in love with the interior, the tech, and the yacht-like ride.


The payment only decreased because you are going for less miles. End of the day, up to you. I don’t think the numbers on this car are going to get any better, so if you really want it, get it. I would still tell them to knock the predelivery service charge off

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I don’t think they can. It’s a Florida thing. The old doc fee. The same for everyone.

Can they? Sure

Will they? Not a chance

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