About to finance fully-loaded 2023 EQS 580. 3.5k miles. MSRP 146k; I got them down to 115k. Any reason I shouldn't buy?

NYC area. Buying from Tampa, Florida.

My wife and I both love the car. The exterior is “meh”, but the interior, the tech, and the feel of the car and ride is mind-blowing.

I’m just a little concerned because a couple of people on Reddit mentioned that EVs depreciate like hell because of how rapidly the technology changes, and it’s best to lease. But isn’t that true of all vehicles? Isn’t that true of all EVs? Does that mean everyone financing a Tesla is making a stupid financial decision?

I get that a car is a depreciable asset, and you will always lose money in the end. But some cars depreciate worse than others. Where does the EQS stand?

Lastly, is this a reasonably good deal?

See here Mercedes Benz EQS Lease Superthread - #6343 by holeydonut


You might be able to find something that depreciates more, but probably not.

Youd be insane to purchase this


I know very, very little about leasing and financing vehicles, how resale value works, what makes for a good deal and what doesn’t, etc.

Can you please explain why I’d be crazy to purchase it?

Didn’t the first owner already take the big hit up-front? I’m getting a $147,000 car for $115,000… Isn’t that a good deal?

Why not have him lease it? MF is low
And if he wants to buy it at the end than he is welcome too (I doubt he will) :joy:

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Not when it is worth $50k in two years and it costs you $40k per year to own.


Teslas are perhaps the only EVs that don’t depreciate horribly. But Elon’s race to the bottom (in terms of pricing) may change that.

I don’t think the EQS has been out long enough for there to be much data. But these things were leasing well for period of time, and it wasn’t b/c people were dying to get their hands on one.

I’m a long time (but former) MB fan. Very little that MB produces in its first-generation (at least over the past 30 yrs or so) is very good. The original ML, the modern SLK, the Maybach, the CLA,… the list goes on and on. And didn’t someone mention a poorly shielded underbody on the EQS? This was MBs first attempt at a purpose-built EV platform. Do you think they got everything right the first time around?

Not many people want this car now, fewer people are going to want it when the tech is completely outdated (and when whatever expensive electrical systems it has go on the fritz and needs thousands to repair). How many older S-Classes do you see around? You probably won’t see more older EQSs…

Yes, the first owner took a big hit up front. If you keep this for several yrs, you will be taking the bigger hit.

But all JMO.

It’s not a $148k car. It never was. Go check the EQS lease superthread for a reality check on EQS resale value. The MMR (auction values) is showing a 45-50% value after one year. In addition to this atrocious resale value, you’re going up eat sales tax on the full $115k. You’ll be at $30k negative equity tomorrow.

If you want to drive an EQS, please lease it.



So self-aware, and yet the title of this this thread.


Keep in mind that 15% off, which isnt unreasonable, plus the $7500 and $4500 in incentives puts you right at about $115k on a brand new one, so you could lease new for the same price and then MBFS would be responsible for the depreciation. And the money factor on the eqs580 is pretty low.


It’s all about TCO (total cost of ownership). When leasing has a lower TCO than buying, you lease. And vice versa.

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If I were spending $115k on a car, I better like both the interior and exterior.

Not all cars depreciate as much. Go check out the resale value of 2 to 3 year old Porsche 911s.

No, it’s not.


73K is a more reasonable offer if it isn’t leasable.



I wish there would be more education about how used cars are not always better. I know so many people that make very good money that refuse to even entertain a new car. God forbid, you mention a lease. That is like lighting money on fire. It is all about total cost of ownership, like others have said. There are many resources here and you have targeted a car that seems to lease particularly well, so please take everything in before making a potentially bad decision.


After you’re done shredding this offer and tossing the scraps into the dumpster, consider donating $10 to this forum for saving you from this $40k mistake


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A brand new Tesla Model S Plaid is 90k… I know its interior is not good, but think this as an anchor.


This is interesting because usually its a “this lease is horrific, this is a purchase vehicle, very few vehicles lease well” but this is an insane purchase deal. I would find a broker for this if you don’t know what your doing (don’t know deals) as you stated.