About to finance fully-loaded 2023 EQS 580. 3.5k miles. MSRP 146k; I got them down to 115k. Any reason I shouldn't buy?

If you need 12k miles per year, lease it at 12k miles per year, not 7.5k per year.


They’ll negotiate on the top discount, not there.

So you are correct that you can get it removed but probably not directly.

I’m with you though, sounds like a scam.

NO!! Don’t do this.

That 4900 cash down is a lot. He is probably still marking up the MF. I think you can still squeeze out a $100 more from this deal. Should probably run the numbers on the calculator to see what the actual payment should look like vs what he is offering you.

I told the OP exactly what the MF was

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Why? Don’t you end up paying more if you use miles at the end of lease.

No. A 1% or 2% increase in residual on a 145k car (high MSRP) is a larger payment than paying for the miles.

$35? that seems pretty low. I did the calculations long time ago and the residual difference was larger. You could be right, maybe the numbers change for the newer months, I haven’t ran the numbers in the calculator again.

Or maybe your calculation was based on a 13 month lease

24 months lease was the lowest back then. That’s when I did the calculation.

Just read 2 comments later.

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He’s on 36 months. I think the residual bumps from 50% to 52% so it’s real close. Stupid bloated MSRP.

I came back after 24 hours hoping to see a dumpster fire thread. Wasn’t disappointed.
OP you do you, at the end of the day it’s your money. But there are plenty of better luxury 3 row suv for similar or less money

Just save some popcorn till the OP becomes a founding member of the vasectomyhackr.com

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OP got 4 kids so he’s loaded and can pay any monthly payment. Don’t worry about him folks.

He likes the car :person_shrugging:
The price looks fine to him too.

Those taxes seem awful low for NY….

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How is this thread still open? I think EQS threads need to wind down.

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Why? People seem to be interested in them…