About to finance fully-loaded 2023 EQS 580. 3.5k miles. MSRP 146k; I got them down to 115k. Any reason I shouldn't buy?

That’s still different than “sandbag the resid.” The RV cannot be modified, and being loose w/ terms and what can and cannot be modified ultimately doesn’t help people to understand how leases work.


I would say lease it. from $146K to $115K it depreciated so fast without an owner.

Yeah but some sales people will tell prospective buyers “the 51% resid you see here is set by BMWFS sorry”. But BMWFS is doing 54% if it actually formed a lease with those terms.

So the sales person tries to trick the buyer who doesn’t look up rates on their own into believing the 50% is non-negotiable.

If the dealer manipulates the RV the deal probably would not get funded. Now what they may be doing is modifying the miles/term/lender and that therefore changes the residual. Dealer cannot change the residual value from what the bank prescribes.

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Different mileage has different RV. As others said, dealers cannot manipulate the RV. If they use 51%/10k when the correct one is 54%/10K, the lease will not fund. Period.

No, for the same mileage/term… they’ll say the resid is X%… knowing X% is less than what the lease will fund at (Y%).

They just do some sneaky BS on the backend so when the lease is approved at Y%, the fees, aftermarkets, and other crap keep the same DAS and monthly. Maybe BMWFS and MBFS have asked sales to stop doing this, but it used to happen all the time back in the late 2000s.

You will see the actual residual and mileage on the contract before signing it, unless you are blind. Unlike the MF.

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If this is happening to you then it’s a big red flag that you shouldn’t be doing business with that dealer. Not all dealers operate with shady tactics. Yes, they are all trying to make money. But the deal is presented to you clearly so that you know what you’re getting into.


Like I said, a good broker or a good dealer are often hard to come by :slight_smile:

Anyway yeah, on a different forum someone got quoted a 50% resid of MSRP on a BMW i4 on a 3yr 12k per year lease. I think the broker (Scott) could have gotten that for 52%, but the forum user was quoted 50% when they did the negotiation to get that garbage tic-tac-toe grid with the monthly/DAS options.

You’re right, the buyer probably didn’t look back during contract signing to see if it was still 50% resid.

Yeah, you always have to be vigilant. There are plenty of shady operators out there. Also, it can be an honest mistake. Either way, look at what’s put in front of you before signing.

Residual is what shouldn’t be messed with, dealers can and do sometimes mark up the money factor, but if they’re messing with the residual… run… They’re just trying to come up with nonsesne numbers maybe to show a larger discount and then make up for it elsewhere.


Okay, so I presented him with this sheet of yours, @derekoh1991. He countered with the attached offer.

Thoughts, everyone?

Are you having the car shipped?

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What’s the predelivery service charge?

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Preaching to the choir man, got an IONIQ 5 here.

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Yeah they put $900 shipping which seems to be a cap cost in this structure.

I think if Damin really wants a fully loaded EQS SUV 580 Pinnacle for 12k per year (and the 3rd row is actually useful to him), this deal is pretty good. $1,520 effective doesn’t let you lease a 3 row X7 or GLS.

I agree they should get rid of that pre-delivery-service-charge. That seems like a load of baloney heh. Worth trying to get rid of that if you can.

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OP, do you know if the 3rd row is actually usable? or this another Model X third row situation?

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That price makes my chest hurt just thinking about it for an ugly vehicle…lol

Also, I can’t imagine the 3rd row is very useful. Very few are.


If he has 2 toddlers and is upgrading to an Escalade EV in 2025, this thing may be good enough for now. But I would agree the 3rd row is probably useless to 99% of the population.

EQS Sedan is actually longer than the SUV (17.1 feet vs 16.8 feet). Since the EQS Sedan is the same length as a Mercedes GLS 7 passenger SUV, that means the EQS SUV is shorter. And, I wouldn’t even put adults in the 3rd row of a GLS. So I think the 3rd row of a EQS would be straight up useless.

What does a Toyota Sienna minivan lease for anyway? Maybe the EQS SUV lease is the best 7 passenger lease he’s gonna get lolol.

Worst case out of all this for Damin to get fed up of German BEV leases and he ends up getting a Tesla Model X. Such trash. Ugh.

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Maybe they’ll end up getting the Palisade, which has a great third row.