About to finance fully-loaded 2023 EQS 580. 3.5k miles. MSRP 146k; I got them down to 115k. Any reason I shouldn't buy?

…Such as??

OP you got the vehicle you want. Stop the madness, you don’t owe an explanation of what you want to anyone. You leased and didn’t buy, so you got a relative good outcome.

Post some damn pics and enjoy the ride. Then please neuralyze me so we can forget this entire endeavor.



Lexus LX…?

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I haven’t seen a new LX yet down here in South Florida I assume the lease price is more then Range Rover, GLS and X7

I suggested LX way up in this thread … he’s not interested

Great car. Can’t say anything bad about it.

Am I going to get a significantly better lease deal on a mid- to top-trim LX build (say, an LX 600 Ultra-Luxury), versus the EQS?

No flippin way it’ll lease better lol.

I’m confused, then why is it being recommended over the EQS?

It may not work better for you, but the LX presumably will hold its value better much over time and actually has off-road capability (which I imagine very few of its owners use). And it will presumably cost less to maintain over time.

Lexuses generally aren’t structurally set up to lease well, and b/c they are usually reliable, have better resale value than most other luxury makes, and are probably cheaper to maintain, you buy (not lease) a Lexus.


I don’t feel as bad anymore with my id4 losing a lot of value

How do you get those values? Any chance tou can get for a 22 vw id4?

If they have good resale, wouldn’t residual be higher and thus a lower lease payment? Is it just that Lexus doesn’t have good lease programs?

You can ask here:


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High resale doesn’t equate to good lease. EQS case in point. Leasing has so many variables- there are really no rules of thumb. But to put it simply Lexus just doesn’t incentivize their leases.

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Because Toyota doesn’t pass that good residual into the leases and their MF is very high.

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Time and time again, people shit on someone’s deal after they’ve bought the car. Ignore them and just enjoy the car. Post the pics too


No, b/c

And, more specifically, RV isn’t necessarily based on real-world resale value.

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Found something interesting. Not fully loaded but showing very well depreciation after one year.
MSRP was $120k.

At least it’s not 59k

It hasn’t sold yet :grinning: