About to finance fully-loaded 2023 EQS 580. 3.5k miles. MSRP 146k; I got them down to 115k. Any reason I shouldn't buy?



This thread was more exciting than EQS ownership will be.

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Lots of messages above, so apologies if this was already stated:

In my opinion do not purchase any EV with CCS charging, only lease. Yes, there is an adaptor, but with the tech changing so fast, I do not recommend. Most vehicles will transition fully to NACS after 2025. In addition to this, with such mass EV production coming from all brands over the next 5 years, I foresee big depreciation of early models quickly.


So when is @Damin going to post his new ride and donate to LH?

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If money doesn’t have any value to you then get it. For me $115K on a vehicle that will lose more then $20K in one year. From what I remember leasing this would be a better option since its electric.

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