$470/mo 36/12 2018 Mercedes C300 CONVERTIBLE/CABRIOLET.. LEASED - How did I do?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Mercedes C300 Cabriolet

**MSRP: $54.5k (had nice wheels, premium 1 package with burmester speakers, wood in middle, heated seats, etc…)
**Selling Price: $43,924
**Monthly Payment: $470 + tax = $515 LA county tax included
**Cash Due at Signing: $135 + first month payment + MSD
**MSD: $4550 (I was told this was the max amount of MSD’s I could do)
Incentives: Not 100% sure. But I did have another Mercedes in the household which I didn’t trade into them and a costco membership.

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k (about 15-20 less a month for 10k)
MF: not sure
Residual: $28,809
**Leased on: 8/18/2018
Region: So Cal
Pics below… Fair disclosure - this car was previously a loaner but I am under warranty for all 3 years of course and it’s in brand new condition so I didn’t care at all… PM for dealer info if needed and let me know how I did! Excuse the lexus floor mats but they fit quite well :slight_smile:


NICE WORK!! Love that deal and car. Can you possibly pm me the dealer?

Thanks!! Sure no worries

Hard to eval when all the important stuff is missing.

I mean the complete numbers are there… that should be the most important thing, but I guess MF as well

Congrats ! 202020202020

Thanks!! Was a tiring process but the end result is worth it :slight_smile:

Nice vehicle, but be careful it doesnt self destruct from having Lexus floor mats in a MB. :wink:


Did you check the carfax, looks like it was in an accident.

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How can you tell? Just from pictures?

Yes, the placement of the C300 model designation is off.

Good catch, it looks a bit high compared to stock location.

Oh snap! Good eye. No mid year model changes? :slight_smile:

2.0t or 1.5?


Yup I did notice that. I didn’t personally check them but when it was sitting on the dealer lot it had a car fax sticker that said 1 owner (which apparently was the dealership) and no accidents reported @nyclife

If you’re a registered business and have a car fax account I can give you the VIN? That would be appreciated.

Wow I see a lot of these on mercs and bmws. Usually I think, man how can dealers get away with putting something on so off balance…but it’s a sign. Interesting…

God damn @nyclife now that i think of it, the S550 can i got was completely debadged :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

You would be surprised how many NEW cars at dealers have little boo boo’s on em which are prefixed.

the Lexus rubber mats make this car complete! :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: