320i xDrive 2018 - Deal check

It’s getting close to my current 2016 320i xdrive lease end. I started looking online and found the below deal. I’m not sure how the math changed in the past few years…

MSRP: 42,900
Sale: $32,700
It has 2600mi on it. before, if I remember correctly, after 500mi, it lowers the residual by 25c for every mile
I believe there is a 3,000 lease incentive plus a 750/1000 for current owners(?). I don’t think any OL 1,000 code would work as the car does have miles on it.
So assuming 3,000+750 discount from the sales, my final sales would be: 28,950
I believe MF is 0.00177 (plus dealer markup 0.0004 max(?)) making it 0.00217. Add the 7 MSD discount (0.0005 each for a total of 0.00035 decrease) giving me 0.00182

24/10K I believe is 66% RV 36/10K is 60% RV (I believe).

Assuming acquisition tax title docs paid up front, I believe Im getting:
$203 for 36/10
$152 for 24/10

Any other discounts/incentives might work to lower it even more? since the car has over 300mi(?) I don’t qualify for those corp discounts.

You have a quote or just saw an online ad? If it’s the latter, the $32,700 likely includes incentives. Otherwise it would be 24% off which is amazing but would likely take a ton of negotiation on a car that’s been sitting for awhile.

As for incentives, lease cash and loyalty are your only options without an OL code. Nothing else stacks besides new grad and USSA.

You can use OL on a car with miles…dealer participation is another story though

Thanks for the info. Yeah, the prices I’ve found are the prices online.
I didn’t see any incentives for 2018 320i xdrive purchased, or did I miss that?

Of course there are and dealers usually apply the maximum incentives on the sales price to make it look as low as possible.

See if you can find a diesel, supposedly there’s an extra $2k, so $7k before OL loyalty etc. You find the right dealer and the right car, you could get a stellar deal on a brand new one. The problem with the 320 is weak lease cash relative to the 330 and 328d. But if you could get this 320 for low $200’s sign and drive there’s nothing wrong with that

Interesting. I will need to look around for the diesel. I only found 1 possible loaner one that’s AWD that might work. I didn’t find really any new 328d options.
My current lease is under $200/month 36/10 and that’s what i’m aiming for.

Keep in my mind that with large discounts 24mo is going to be cheaper and bump the mf to waive the aqc fee

328d is your best option or a low end 330xi if you aren’t requiring any specific options. It would need to be a sub $40K 320xi or it’s not worth it due to the reduced lease cash vs above mentioned models.

I would find a few loaners locally and wait until next week when the clock is running out… dealer may just cave to 20%+ off move it before the end of the month

I just signed a 320xi for 267 p/mo 44xxx msrp 10k/24mo it had 2609 miles too

Also isn’t it out of lease support in like 2 days when the month ends

Does BMW still lower the RV by 25c per mile over 500?
And are there any benefits going with a 24month vs 36month? I would still need to pay the $925, right?
What about the MF? I assume I can still do the MSD and the MF stays the same for 24m as 36m?



With higher discount, 24 mo is cheaper than 36. May not need to buy RFTs (they go quick), and are almost guaranteed to be covered by maintenance the entire lease through BMW (depending on in service date of loaner; the clock starts on warranty and maintenance…doubtful to be an issue on 24 months…may be one on 36).

MF is the same at 24 and 36. 925 acq fee would be due, yes.

When it says out of lease support at the end of the month, I assume that means no more incentives after the end of this month (not meaning no support for warranty, maintenance, etc).
I recall on my car, all my servicing is covered, including oil changes, windshield wipers, etc. I believe they changed this in 2018. What exactly has changed?
The car entered service in Aug 2018 from the carfax report. so 4 year 50k would Aug 2022 (within the period) and it would be well under the 50K


Oil changes, air/cabin filters is about it.

4/50 is warranty. 3/36 is maintenance.

Ah, so the 3year 36month is from when it entered service or leased? If when it entered service, a 24/10 makes more sense as that would be during the whole duration of the lease.
EDIT: Yeah, I see on bmwusa that my 2016 maintenance is 4y/50K which is quite good

I see you got your last car in Denver, there’s a cheap 328d in Loveland Colorado if you’re interested in a rode trip, Schomp in the metro area has a couple orange one’s, one with red interior, they might want to deal on that one.

Don’t forget this on a new one,

https://www.bmwcca.org/vehicle_rebate 9

They have two units of 2018 328d but not sure how much you can achieve.
Good luck. DO NOT talk to Anthony. He is one of sales managers.

Thanks for the 328d links.
The dealer I’ve worked in the past has some 320i xdrives for 24/10 with 2500 down (in that is the title doc and aqu fees) for under 200 $ a month. That’s before MSD and loyalty incentives. I’ll see what he can do for me and I’ll also check those in Denver area.

No matter what, drop the acquisition fee for a .0005 MF increase… saves you $10-$15/month and avoid the upfront acquisition fee.