3 row SUV lease advice


Hey everyone! I was looking to see if anyone could offer advice on what 3 Row SUVs offer the best leases. We are currently a couple months out from needing a new Vehicle but wanted to start exploring our options now.
Location: North Jersey
Price range $350-$450

There are Volvo XC90 loaners in that range. Excellent car for the money. 3rd row is a bit cramped. I think a few brokers have some deals listed in that range.

I would also recommend the XC90, I love mine.

Payments change when the programs (RV, MF, etc) change, which happens on a monthly basis. You’re better off waiting for the month of when you need a new vehicle.

You should spend time getting very well acquainted with how the numbers are calculated, but the numbers themselves (as you see them today) will be moot in a week.


Jumping into your thread as I’m in the exact same position as you, but am looking immediately as I turned my Highlander in last week.

We are a family of 6(also NJ), so need that third row.

I also am thinking of the Volvo XC90 and trying to stay under that $500 mo range.

Can anyone point me to a broker that is offering the Volvo in this range?

Look in the marketplace. Sub-$500 might be tough for an XC90, but you should be able to find plenty in the $500-$600 range. I know Aronchi had quite a few XC90s available last time I looked.

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Honda Pilot.

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Or Odyssey tbh

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Ideally you did a search through past threads to get an idea of the pros / cons mentioned of the various models…while the mf / rv / incentive info in the threads may not be relevant or current. Keep in mind that today’s mf / rv/ incentive info most likely will not be the exact same in a few months time when you are looking to start a new lease.

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Highlander Hybrid or gas, if you hate your children rx350l (so not an option, this is a sarcastic joke), Sienna, odyssey, pilot, passport if you just need the larger space.

Cute dog btw.


350 dollar 3 row XC90s? Even 450 is a stretch. This is New Highlander territory.

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If You are open Odyssey is a good option.
This is from NJ dealer.

Here is an XC90 with upgrades signed last month for $449 with only first month’s payment at signing. I am sure there are more.

No XC90 is going to be $350, but $400-450 will.

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I have 2021 Highlanders, 4runners and siennas in your price range. Message me if interested.


highlander, xc90 , minivans. I’d skip the 4runner, space utilization in CUVS or other unibody vehicles is much better. RX-L is of course the only exception to the rule

I just went thru this. Looked at basically every 3-row SUV my wife and I could find. <$500 a month with tax, you really won’t find an XC90 without some luck (demo + incentives) and probably some broker help.

We gave up on an XC90 pretty quickly because they were all $500-$600 a month with tax.

Palisade and Telluride are too much as well.

The only real options we liked for a 3-row SUV were a new Dodge Durango, leftover Acura MDX, new Ford Explorer, or new Mazda CX-9.

Durango felt a little too cheap for us and just didn’t like the drive very much. MDX drove nicely but felt very outdated inside. Mazda was nice, but too small.

And so, because of those reasons and because we came out of an Explorer lease last year and had some extra incentives to get back into one, that’s what we ultimately did. Perfect car for us despite what others might think of the Explorer.

We opted for a 2021 XLT with sport appearance package, moonroof, tech, etc. MSRP was about $45,000. With $3,500 in incentives from Ford and $2,250 DAS towards fees, etc., we are at $400 a month (pre-tax) for 36 months and 10K miles per year (MF and residual matched Edmunds).

At that price point, we didn’t think we could do much better and we’re pretty happy.

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TBF that looks really hard to replicate in a way where anyone else can stay within $450

Trifecta of rebates (FR, Costco, conquest)
Almost no tax.


It could be possible, most likely not probable. Really depends if they want to put in the work to get a deal like that. Maybe a Highlander then if not. The new ones look very sharp.

Is a minivan out of the question? Odyssey or Sienna? I know most folks have a visceral reaction with the word “minivan”, but it is the most functional and practical option for third rows. GLWT!

Why do I smell Carolina barbecue…

The new Sienna is sharp though.