🦄 '22 Mercedes EQS 24/12 497m, 1125 + MSDs DAS 105.5k MSRP

This is very much not replicable. This was the last EQS my dealer had, and I’m sure a few brokers will get a message asking about a replication, feel free to ask questions to me but unless you have a car you have found, it’s not going to be easy. I could have made this even cheaper if I had an EV or hybrid in the household, or by extending to a 36 or 39 (cheapest) month flex term. Additional rebate from new credit card signing bonus valued at $1400 in travel plus cashback on MSDs. There is minimal inventory and minimal dealers are willing to play ball.

Shout out to @amatot for “Keeping his mouth shut” while attempting to replicate for him :), and @senwia for suggesting flex terms on 27 months which didn’t work out (dropped this month, oops_)(whew!). Sorry to steal the thunder from @Dany1122.

On that note, officially the last car I’ll hack as a teenager :stuck_out_tongue: | Deposit is in, dad picks up Saturday.

MSRP: $105,500
Selling Price: $79,900
Monthly Payment: $497
Drive-Off Amount: $1124
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00184 - 0.00114 post MSDs
MSD: $6500
Residual: 63% (8500 mile RV adjustment to 62.xx%)
Incentives: $8500 Fed EV as lease cas, 2500 dealer cash included in the discount
Region: PA
Leasehackr Score: 17.6 (higher including CC rebates)
Leasehackr Calculator:


i feel bad about your inbox already


Theoretically, I could have gotten it even lower without dealer discount if I had a 4xe LIKE I TOLD MY DAD TO KEEP. Cut another 50/month off the price.


what did they need to prove ownership? i keep pics of registration cards for cars that have been long gone just for these purposes LOL


Jedi youngling no more!
@HersheySweet straight balling on this one.
0.5%…Macan who???
Hope your dad enjoys the massaging chairs!
Congrats again!


Congrats man, outstanding! Tell your dad to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Wow - impressive - residual strong for 27 months

Funny enough I got the same discount but couldn’t do MSDs in nyc (I think)

My residual was 53% for 36/7,500 - same mf - didn’t think of 27 months lol (Jan program)

Best deal on leasehackr in the last 2 years


This is absolutely insane. Arguably better than most of the pre-covid deals posted here. Congrats



I think @HersheySweet just stuck his dad with an EQS to show off on LH.


sorry if obvious question, is this a loaner? If so, how many miles?

Yes, 8500 miles - I kind of hid that in my breakdown, sorry

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Ah no worries, I’m guessing veterans would have caught it!

For us untested individuals with dreams, does the mileage variance have any impact on the deal? (Say 1k miles or 20k miles, etc)

We are breaking up im jealous you didn’t secure a unit for me


Congrats on an insane deal!
The insurance may come out to more than the effective mo. payments. :exploding_head:

Tesla started the war with deep discounts on M3RWD…MB has pushed it to another level…Let’s see what BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Elon, etc. does next. EV lease prices could become very ugly(beautiful for us) soon.


Great job. How would that have helped?

Why not just get a Tesla?

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What a deal! Congrats.

WOW! Congrats on the deal for your pops. For $500/month, I would drive an EQS over a Macan :grin:


Amazing deal and envious in a friendly way