🦄 '22 Mercedes EQS 24/12 497m, 1125 + MSDs DAS 105.5k MSRP

How much is the EV conquest cash from Mercedes?

We all wish we got “stuck” with a 17.8 LH score EQS 459

I had a feeling deals would be coming on these. They’re selling REAL slow. Might not be replicable, but I’d say there’s a huge gap between this unicorn and a higher decent deal out there.


Sorry man, gotta take care of dad first.

350/6m for dad. Living in central PA with nothing to hit has it’s perks.

Believe $1500 in rebates, didn’t bother looking into it since I don’t qualify.

Because dad wanted massage seats (he said it sarcastically but whatever)


How likely would this work on a demo eqs suv if there are any.

What is flex terms? Rate finder comes up blank for 27 months

@HersheySweet …This is easily the 2023 hack of the year.

Season 1 King GIF by The Spanish Princess


So your actual driveoff after the dust settles is -$274 :slight_smile:

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I would not want to be a Benz GSM tomorrow morning…they are all going to get pelted with requests from people they think are absurd.


This week I’ve also broken ARMCO CU and the BC3 Alumni board.


I had to look up BC3 :slight_smile:

2023 is only less than 2 months Old. Too early to crown the king. But it is going to be top ten for sure.

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Yes we are used to being paid to drive/lease cars (certainly EVs with govt. credit)

Edit: I’m an idiot. You can drive 3 of these for the price of one base Taycan!

Use the 24 month residual on a 27 month term. Also can use a 36 month residual on a 39 month term.


Same mf I assume?

MF does not change based on term.

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Wow. No thank you. I’m dropping the next unicorn to LH next time you text me.


Shout out to wam for entertaining my let’s get a macan phase, still waiting for that gt3 touring allocation at Msrp (I’ll take a gt4/4rs,3rs, 3 non touring too)


For those interested, there’s a dealer in the midwest that I have dealt with in the past. It looks like they have an EQS loaner in their inventory. Can’t promise that they would be as aggressive but my experience with them was positive and I would be glad to make an introduction to anyone who wants to put in the work.


Inbox flood starts in 3…2….1