2024 Porsche Panamera Spy Shots


Have you ordered a Panamera yet for yourself?


Until I drove a used 4S yesterday, I’d never been in a current generation.

And I have an appointment in the morning to drive a Turbo to contrast:

The value proposition on the Turbo is much stronger, but my intent isn’t necessarily to buy used.

(There’s nothing new available to test drive at or above the 4S level, the lowest trim I’d consider, so I’m working with what I have.)


I think the headlights are the only thing I like over the 971. Not a huge fan of the more open front bumper and I’ll save judgement on the rear until a less covered picture comes up. Looks like there’s a fake bumper cover taped over the real bumper

Whatever route you end up going (if you buy one), I highly recommend the air suspension. I know it’s standard on certain trims of certain years, but it’s optional on others. Really makes a big difference for me in ride comfort and scrape prevention. I’ve got the “lift” mode assigned to the programmable button on the steering wheel, which makes it easy to raise the car if I encounter steep aprons or high parking spot bumpers.

Porsche’s myriad of options is a real love-hate relationship when shopping used. I passed on 7 or 8 nice examples, because they were missing 1 or 2 options I desired. But when I found the one, it’s a great feeling.


Thank you for the comments. I’ve actually experienced this while building a new one on Porsche’s web site.

So many micro-decisions for someone like me who makes virtually every [non-work] decision in slow motion.

Just last week, 11 months after I started asking, I had this detail work done.

Meanwhile, the price had gone up from $300 to $375. :stuck_out_tongue:

(And full disclosure, to get me over the hump, I talked my parents into taking the car in while I’m on the other side of the country, because it felt more like their decision in the end. I’ll know if they made the right choice when I see the car on Saturday. :smiley: ).


There’s a panamera on c&b rn


It’s funny that another salesperson and I were talking about Porsche switching to the Taycan style headlights on future models and here it is. Think I prefer the oval shape more but lets see what makes it to production.

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I found the article that started this thread while I was researching if/when there is a new generation coming out. Now I’m wondering if it might be worth waiting for, or if maybe I’m more of a Taycan guy.

Not that I didn’t really enjoy this car.

What’s struck me with all three of the Porsches I’ve driven recently - a 2014 911 Carrera S and the 2018 Panamera 4S and this Turbo – is that they’re all pretty mousy when you’re just driving them around town, unless and until you really assert yourself.

When you slap this Panamera Turbo around it really performs, though. But like the others, it takes effort.

I may be a better candidate for ordering a new Taycan 4S. Used ones are going for roughly MSRP, and new ones have the $7,500 tax credit – plus in Ohio I’d get sales tax credit for the value of my trade. No sales tax credit on a used-for-used trade.

(Now I just have to find a Taycan to drive.).

Also, I’d have to hand over a 2019 750i with 9,700 miles and a check for ~$60,000 to drive home this 2018 Turbo with 30,000 miles from two previous owners.

I’m not suggesting that the two vehicles are interchangeable or directly comparable, but that’s quite a gap considering I still like the car I have.

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Here’s one in Canton, OH 44718, this is a top trim 2020 so it’ll be quite different to a 4s (most likely more equipped too).

They had this one at the dealer I just left, but I wasn’t going to waste the sales guy’s time or mine.

The Turbos are more than I want to spend on a grocery getter. That’s why I was thinking 4S. :slight_smile:

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Good luck if you are trying to order. We haven’t had an open allocation in 3+ months and we only received RWD versions in the allocations that dropped this week.


I get my Volvo serviced at the Byers next door, I’ve frequently walked around that Porsche dealership with envy. Do they still have the 918? I think they also had a GT3 RS last time I was in there too.

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For a grocery getter is a 4s even necessary?? How much car do you really need?

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If you’re talking about the Panamera 4, that fella unfortunately already sold for 83k on Friday. It was great for a while and then turned into an absolute bid-fest at the tail end.

I’ll be watching keenly for any new listings. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t look that carefully at their other inventory.

This Panamera was in the showroom when I arrived, next to a Speedster and one of those ridiculous-looking C8s.

Further back I noticed one of those station-wagon-looking things that Ferrari makes/made, and a McLaren (not sure if it was one of the more common McLarens, or the one named after a medical laxative).


If he loves those wheels, he can gett’em far cheaper on an HA Wrangler, and it holds a ton (almost) of groceries. edit: oh, and no air suspension needed, but it does that too.

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It’s funny, that’s one thing I love about Porsches! In normal mode they drive very gently and it’s actually pretty easy to get decent fuel economy when just driving around town and on the freeway. It also gives me comfort, knowing that my girlfriend wont accidently wrap herself around a pole when she drives it.

Then when its time for some “spirited” driving, just turn the wheel on the “fun dial” or hit the sport response button and you’re flying (also highly recommend the sport chrono package).

I test drove one while waiting to sign for my Panamera - F&I guy was in a meeting for an hour. Just a base model and I was…whelmed. Very cool car and very fast as you’d expect, but I just don’t think the value is there over a Panamera. Not to mention, the pricing is outrageous on them right now.


taycan very worth it if you have a EA supercharger nearby. That alone is probably 200 bucks of electricity / month, depending on how you drive.


Speaking from experience? :grin:

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