2023 Toyota Sequoia

Agreed 100000%

Don’t lease it through SE Toyota
Or US Bank


Solid considering the one they sold yest went for 101!


They have been hounding me with emails so I’m sure they need inventory. They move a lot of vehicles, have a lot of employees/overhead. Have to keep the wheels spinning Even if margins are low in those type of businesses or your gonna lose staff.

Picking up my Sequoia tomorrow but getting cold feet. I rewatched reviews and the lack of rear cargo space is definitely the killer. I knew the about it beforehand and have seen/test-driven it back in Dec 2022. My initial plan was to buy and drive it for 3-6 months while waiting for my R1S to arrive but I worry about being just treading water (after dealer add-ons, sales tax, and losing a bit on trade in) with the iffy used market. Is this Sequoia… a buy and flip candidate only?

What trim and color?

Black/Black TRD Pro

Edit: I would have prefer a Solar Octane TRD Pro but no availability and also folks here tell me resale is weaker on that color. White would have been a good second choice but they tell me ETAs are 30-60-90 days out at least. Production + delivery seems spotty.

If your deal is at sticker it’s a no brainier even if you live in the highest tax area in the country.


No that’s gross and reserved for Ms Frizzle

You don’t want a solar orange sequoia if you’re worried about future value

Grab the Black/Black Pro, make sure it’s not w Ally, SE Toyota, or US Bank, and enjoy your check for $15K


ive never seen someone willingly to walk away from 5 figures free :laughing:

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I can have a SR5 thats due to arrive end of April @ $5k over sticker. Decisions…

I see a TRD sport in the car line at school everyday, looks sharp, but like others have said I would rather have the Tahoe/Suburban.

Sr5 over sticker? No way.

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How about 3k? No intention on keeping it

I’d only be paying over sticker for a trd pro. I know capstones are going for 7-9 over at auction. I can’t imagine sr5s are doing better so if you pay over sticker your really cutting into any profit.

Quiet the spread on the price

All those sr5’s going for big money are TRD Pros, just mislabeled in the auction data.


Yup. Mike figured that out a few weeks ago. No way sr5s are pulling over 100.

That would explain that, got excited for a sec

I was under the impression that Capstones were going for more than that? Granted my data is a month old.

I had really good intel @Ttxi

I cant take credit