2023 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS - MSRP Possible?

Are Turbo / Turbo S being sold for MSRP? Of course this varies dealer to dealer but my question is more so on the realistic-ness of being able to find a Turbo S for MSRP with reasonable effort (which this thread has concluded is impossible for GT3s in the current market).

Article in the NYT from this week.

When people talk like this about “investments”, it is almost always the top of the market.


This reminds me all too much of the GME play in 2020, with everyone making their profits before the mainstream media picked up the story. The ones who listened to the published articles got burned.

What’s that old saying…history repeats itself.

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Read an interesting automotive industry primer lately
car-crash-design-secured.pdf (1.9 MB)

Page 13 provides some great insight.

In a nutshell, once the used market crashes (up to 30% or so) (bc new car supply catches up), new car pricing will correct itself automatically.

Can’t wait for a real recession to happen. People have way too much disposable income at the moment. Sigh. I would never pay that much ADM for any car. Seems very fiscally irresponsible.

You will have an easier time, but again there are probably people lined up already at MSRP or willing to at least pay a small ADM so just be willing to wait. Really you should be trying to create a relationship with a single dealer in your area if you want any chance of getting any sports car. You don’t have to buy a million cars, just be on their radar when allocations come around. I would much rather sell a limited production car to someone who will come to our events, service with us, and possible trade it back in for a little less than a one time client we will never hear from again.