2023 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS - MSRP Possible?

I hope I am wrong since I want a GT4 myself but from what I have been told, MY24s will just be the 4-cylinder engine.

Just got my 23 GT4 a couple weeks ago. Heavenly car in all aspects.

As far as getting a GT3 at MSRP, you probably have a 0% chance of landing that if you are asking here. Need to be a solid and consistent customer with a dealer to have a chance, and even then some dealers are charging ADM based on how special and rare these cars are. Good luck!


They are a little better. I have a GTS 4.0. Regularly following the trends. At a minimum, the markup on GTS 4.0 is about half of GT4/Spyder, meaning they are slightly better supply/demand position

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You do know I am a Porsche dealer? The markup is less because a GTS customer isn’t going to pay the same markup as a GT4. Same reason why the GT4 markup isn’t the same as a GT3, even though there were significantly more GT3s built. Edit: Looking at past allocations, all the 4.0 models have nearly a 1:1 ratio. Dealers are as likely to get a Boxster 4.0 as a GT4.


This GT3 looks nice.

Crazy he paid $3k for the logo in neodyme. But that isn’t a bad price for a touring with PTS.

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He must have grown up in UAE with Toyotas with bronze logos. Saw a GTS online the other day with blue interior. Sticker said $17k :exploding_head:

I think it’ll be a while until my local dealer is near MSRP. This bad boy just popped up with 950 miles:

Edit: My dealer has 4 lightly used CPO GT3s all for $300k. This feels like some kind of scheme

It almost pains me to say it, but the GT3 is :face_vomiting:. That color spec does not fit a 911 IMO.

Its funny, I’m the opposite. A GT3 touring in Brewster green is my dream spec 911

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Ha! AND to think the guy paid a hefty premium to do the paint to sample on top of it. :man_facepalming:. I would likely do the racing yellow… followed by shark or gentian blue.

So the two colors (yellow and shark) that will be worth less than any other color. They will get every penny of that PTS cost back while everyone will pass on yellow and every other GT3 is shark blue.

Doesn’t make the car any less ugly. :laughing:

That is because it is one of the better colors for the car… makes perfect sense.


Brewster is better looking than any of those other colors you mentioned and own a gentian blue porsche.

But where is that chart from? Seems completely fictitious.

Why don’t you have the Brewster paint, instead of one of my preferred colors? :laughing:


Just a random survey. For all we know, <1% of the voters could be actual owners. I’d be more curious of a version of this chart from actual orders. I’d guess it looks very different, as PTS colors wouldn’t be near the top for most models.

We all know that yellow is one of THE worst paints to photograph… Ugly for Brewster is probably a bit extreme. It looks decent but its just very OK to me.

The blues are gorgeous though. It would be a tough call between shark & gentian.


I agree lol. I would question the merit of it. As with the majority of graphs/charts (and who displays them)… we can skew nearly anything to “reinforce” our points. :poop:

Well I would have to wait 6+ months for a PTS allocation and I sold my M4, so I needed a summer sports car. I will probably do my next Porsche in Irish Green or some blue. Just need to time it with the 992.2 release.

Just random enthusiasts, so who knows how many are actual owners/buyers. Black and white are by far the most common in my experience. Chalk, gray, and silver are close behind. PTS paint isn’t far behind those. Of our last 500 911 orders, only 20 were guards red. Most Porsche clients I talk to don’t like guards red and used ones sit forever. They would rather pay more for Carmine red or PTS.

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