2023 Porsche 911 GT3 / GT3 RS - MSRP Possible?

(asking for a friend) is it even remotely possible to get any of these cars for MSRP? Called a local dealer and he basically said “I already have like 30 people on the list, definitely am not going to get that many allocations” and said there’s no point to even get added to the list.

I have very low expectations about being able to snag this for MSPR, but was just wondering if anyone on LH has an experience going down this route…

I’ve tried and in so cal no dealers sell for sticker
And the ones I found that did, do not sell out of region + the list was way too long

Good luck :slight_smile:

MSRP? No. For other info @wam22 may be the best source

Even base 911s sell above. I don’t think GT3s ever sold at retail , let alone in this market.

You’d need a good dealer relationship from what I understand, the only reference I have is a family friend who trades in his GT3’s back to his dealer every 3-4 years and I assume they make their money through a lower value for trade in but he gets cars at Msrp.

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@aronchi posted a 911 earlier but sells to specific region only

Its a beaut

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No shot. The GT3/GT3RS has never been an MSRP car… regardless of the market. Theres a reason why 15+ year old GT3/GT3RS’s sell for over MSRP


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he posted a 911 C4S-- great car but I’m pretty much deadset on the GT3/GT3RS

Group buy?


Don’t blame you. Hands down the best and most fun car I have ever driven

I’m up for it!

Several 991 GT cars were sold at MSRP back during their prod run. Same goes for 981 GT4.

No way you’re touching a GT car (or pretty much any 911) at MSRP in this market.

Times will be back eventually. All these people that have paid and are paying $100k over are just mind boggling.

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Yeah, and 918s were being discounted in 2015. Now they go for 2-3x msrp. Have appreciated for the last 7 years, but might get a slight price correction.

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If you are asking this, then no. MSRP is reserved for someone who has done seven or eight figures of recent business. And even that is a maybe

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man that’s a lot of macans

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Kind of comparing apples to oranges. One is an extremely limited 300 unit flagship hypercar and the other is a 911 variant produced at a 10:1 ratio, or thereabouts.

Hypercars may be relevant for gauging highest tier market strength but I don’t see the relevance for comparing their appreciation history to the GTx street car market.

Or just a one Cayenne Turbo GT, 911 Turbo S, and a Panermera Turbo S Hybrid.

Or a 918 :grin: