2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X | $45.7K MSRP | $4,304 One Pay w/ $2,700 MSD ($261/month)

First lease hack since 2020, needed a hold-me-over to replace an outgoing 530i until inventory (hopefully) returns to a level that allows for meaningful discounting. This isn’t a vehicle I particularly wanted but I’m very pleased with the deal. Thanks to @IAC who started a Frontier thread in January 2022 alerting us to the art of the possible on these. Shout out to @GeminiRam for answering some one-off questions along the way.

I like to include the disposition fee in the effective monthly payment - feel it’s misleading not to. Without that cost this averages out to $239 per month. The dealer let me pay $5K of the $7K via credit card, I’ll leverage those points in a minor but material way. The dealer is located in NC and willing to replicate the deal. Be forewarned that even though I had the commercials complete ahead of time, I spent 4.5 hours at the dealership waiting for them to get the vehicle ready as it was brought in from a sister dealership and not ready upon my arrival.

Vehicle: 2023 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X
MSRP: $45,700
Selling Price: $43,525
Monthly Payment: $0 ($261/month incl. disposition fee or $239/month without)
Term: 18 months at 10,000 miles/year
MF: 0.00196
RV: 95%
Drive Offs: $7,004 ($4,304 One Pay + $2,700 MSD)


Congrats on the killer deal!

Definitely helps in certain aspects that the RV has dropped so has effectively eliminated the need for discounting off the back-end of cap-cost needing to be $100 over RV. Deals remain and complexity lowered.


Congrats! Great deal! How is the acq fee and the gov fees $0?

I included the government fees in the dealer fees cell because they were small and I was being lazy. To make a long story short, the dealer covered the acquisition fee because they made a mistake along the line when quoting the one pay price and that concession on their part made up for it.

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Seeing these incredible frontier single pays just never gets old.


Can you post a pic of what one of these one-pay Nissans look like? :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you mind sharing the dealers contact?

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Very nice looking truck. All blacked out. Yum!

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Hi @Clutch how close to this we can get in California?


Congrats! That’s an awesome deal. Persistence pays off! Enjoy the ride!

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Reg for CA and tax will play a differnece as its much higher in CA than NC on both.
That and the Acq Fee being waived add up.
But we can be close after normalizing those factors. Have Few more of these.

@518ADK congrats on this awesome deal. Enjoy in good health!

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Awesome! I just sent you PM @Clutch
also congrats to @518ADK on awesome deal!

@518ADK Congrats on the deal on the nice looking P/U

@Sam_H let us know how it looks. I’ve been considering this exact truck and color or similar Trashfinder.


4.7% off msrp that’s a nice discount! Did you have to haggle?

No. I shopped an offer and they beat it. It took a lot of effort getting an offer worth shopping and then expanding my search radius to include anything within 200 miles of home. It’s the same approach I followed with my last lease, but took a week longer given the general dealer experience with Nissan (which is well documented in other threads).

Hi, can you share the dealer info in NC?

Yes, will share over private message.

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Make offers, don’t haggle.

@518ADK I PM’d you about this deal.