2023 EQS SUV (633/month, 3300 DAS, 10 MSDs)

Almost have your deal replicated but they’re maxing MF on me! One last shot at it tomorrow.


NICE! Might have to compromise. How many miles on the loaner?

150 point bump is a steep hike. If they dont want to budge at base MF id suggest countering with a lower markup and then offsetting it by doing a one-pay (-80 point) or max MSDs (-70 points)


@carEnthusiast007 Is this inclusive of the existing discounts?(lease bonus, dealer cash)

I may have missed it but what dealer in OC is this?

It can’t be Fletcher Jones because they won’t even give me any numbers via text/email for the EQB I was looking at. I have to come into the showroom. :frowning:

Not RODO dealer LOL

They can write anything they want when the deal is fake


Not always. Have a proof. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rookie numbers…

Some one just offered me 3% off… man

I offered 10% and got it immediately no push back texting online rep. I asked for whatever EQE your manager doesn’t want anymore. Was just trying to gauge market vs honing down on one with colors/options really wanted

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MF is bit lower compared to EQS but RV is lower too. Would need significantly more discount for all things being equal. Lets see

Just for giggles…

MSRP was $119,xxx for EQS SUV 450 4matic


I love the “not doing MSDs will lower your payment” BS



Usually when a dealer says this, what they really mean is “if you apply the money as a cap cost reduction instead of as an msd, your payment will be much lower” and totally ignore the whole part about the msds coming back at the end. Numbers here don’t line up for that though.

Doesn’t seem like they are willing to move them though?

I don’t think you can even lease lemons.

Agree! They are definitely lemons. I will continue my search in hopes I find one. Have gotten a lot of good advice, but seems unlikely at this point…

My dealer said a lot of them have moved recently. And now they’re not under the same pressure to move them.

Which is why I jumped on a deal asap. I’m not saying the deals won’t continue, but it’s an important lesson. If you see a good opportunity, take it and run. Don’t get greedy hoping for the best possible deal on this earth lol.