2023 EQS SUV (633/month, 3300 DAS, 10 MSDs)

Not the best deal on this thread for an eqs and nowhere near the etron gt deal that just got posted. But here you go. This is in ca and for an suv

108k MSRP
16% off pre incentives
7500 + 3500 fleet
10 msds

633/month (inclusive of OC tax)
3.3k DAS
7.5k MSD



Congrats! This is a great deal for a 2023 SUV! What is the term and miles?

Pics, or it never happened :joy:


24/10. Edited the original post to add it in. Thanks for the reminder.

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Can you share the l calculator ?

Congrats. Great deal

Too much effort. But someone should be able to create. Exact MSRP was 107980.

Sales price was 79650

Incentives I put above and mf was base rate. Tax was 7.75% and 10 MSDs.

total monthly payment was 633.39 (inclusive of tax) and total lease cost was 18567.92


Solid deal, congrats - assuming this was new and not a loaner?

Correct. It was new. I still haven’t figured out a good way to find mb loaners other than going through carfax one by one which is way too time consuming.

If anyone knows has a better way, i am interested.

Search on CarGurus for used models under 10k miles.
Goto every dealer’s websites. Under Pre-owned, some have a dedicated loaner/demo section. Others have listed them as pre-owned. If pre-owned, you will have to individually call/email and ask


Thanks. Still a very manual process. Someone more tech savy than me should write a script that automates the process!

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The problem with the second approach is that you will literally have to email or call the dealer. There is no difference between them

E.g. Here are 2 cars at a dealer. Both have similar miles. One is CPO , and the other is loaner. Guess which one is which?

Carfax would should fleet, right? But I see your point.

Yeah, car on right shows personally owned while the car on the left shows corporate fleet.

Gotta love that 0.0L engine

Congrats :clap:

And… I’ve found more than one car out there that was actually a lemon buy back but appears the same as a demo/loaner. The Carfax shows it of course.


xx,888 is the used car

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Yes it is, but it wasn’t obvious to me. How can you tell?

I looked at both carfaxes. Its not obvious to me. Perhaps I will take a second look