2023 EQS SUV (633/month, 3300 DAS, 10 MSDs)

Manhattan has 2 of those lemons, both at $80k lol.

The pricing is usually a dead giveaway.


That’s really solid considering this is the SUV version. I don’t think I see any other SUV deals posted

This was another solid one: Another data point: 2023 EQS 450+ SUV $613+tax effective, $0 DAS, max MSDs

I guessed based on the plate—the plate is the loaner and the one without the plate is a CPO. They usually put front plates on for loaners. Usually…

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thank you. is it possible you upload the contract please?

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What is the way to get $3500 fleet ?

Mine was Navy Fed.

Aba and ama also work

Anybody can get membership ?

This dealer has a good page with a big list.


Thanks man.

Any one know about Sam’s club membership ? Is there certain time period you have to be Sam’s club member to be eligible for incentive ?

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I KNEW my joint Harvard DDS/JD/MD degree would become useful someday.


I know for aba you have to be a lawyer. For ama my wife is a doctor and I assume you have to be one but not sure. There is a long list of groups that qualify though, which you can find on the Mercedes website

Doesn’t look like the membership needs to be active, just logged in using my membership from a few years ago and got the offer code.


Full list is here I think: https://pictures.dealer.com/mercedesbenzofwilloughby/9af43e320a0e09a72831a2fb8f7ce80c.pdf


does this get you $2500 or $3500?

Sweet $3500

Has anyone successfully get a dealer to take the Sam’s Club offer?