2023 Defender 110 s lease

First time parent indeed! Venturing into the unknown!

Thanks for the feedback, that’s super helpful! I just assumed more space would be better, but I clearly know nothing about this subject. Interesting to hear about the defender tailgate and stroller. Dog is a husky with a good vertical leap so she should be good either way!

One thing I hadn’t thought about with the Wrangler, until I had one. Also, unloading/loading anything curbside is a pain.

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haha I just find that a lot of first time parents think they need much bigger cars than they do.

Dont get me wrong we love the defender. But, if fun is what you’re after…Macan for sure.


Macan GTS is absolutely one of the best cars I have ever driven though. But dang…a new one is $100K.

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is reliability about the same or porsche is more reliable?

Than a Land Rover??? :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Porsche is often very reliable if taken care of. Porsche and LR shouldn’t be said in the same sentence, in terms of reliability.


Yeah I’m in a wrangler currently and want to get something a little (or a lot) quicker. Had a 392 on order but decided if I’m spending 90k I’d rather have something a little more refined, so here we are.

If I could get my hands on a macan GTS allocation id do that in a heartbeat. Sounds like it’ll be a 8-10 month wait on that though…

We have a little one and the Defender is great. The backseat offers seemingly infinite room. My better half rejected the Bronco for back seat room.


I’m guessing for just one kid and a dog we could get away with a Macan, which makes me lean that way just for how fun it is. I appreciate the more rugged interior of the defender, which is probably easier to keep clean.

Is there a way to track an order once its off the ship?

dealer just confirmed defender is still on track to arrive 12/23 - not sure what status / stage that puts it in, but merry xmas to me?


Yes and no perhaps? IMO people overestimate how much storage/space they’ll need for strollers, bags, etc.

But they also underestimate how much bigger a RF convertible is than the infant seat they just bought. In 10-12 months a lot of people need more rear legroom than they initially thought.

Both on the way? Twins?


I have a pal with 3 kids and a labradoodle…I consider them a family of 6.

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They are a family of six. :slightly_smiling_face:
I identified six breathing mammals, all with the possibility of contributing to reproduction.

Yeah it’s a hybrid pregnancy. It’s 2022, things are getting wild out here.



My dog comes first. Our house flooded so she’s living in my room rn.


This handy plastic box that creates a major blind spot can be yours too for a low low price of $1K.


Been following this thread since it appeared and found myself staring down a new 2023 90 S just under $69k at msrp. $12k in options and no blessings. Some of the options are air ride, 20" wheels, pano roof, black roof and other smaller goodies. Dealer willing to do a 24 month lease and I’m debating if I should purchase it outright or lease it for 2 years and possible buy it out to make up some of that rent charge.


Before you get jumped by my LH brethren.

90 S doesn’t have the same resale as the 110 model. Stay away.

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