2023 Defender 110 s lease

2023 Defender 110 s 61xxx MSRP came in, selling price at msrp, 24/7.5 lease total amount financed is 65xxx thoughts on hold for 2-3 months and flip ? @mattevan @Ursus @HersheySweet


Too risky, market could change entirely in 3 month (used car bubble etc.).If you are in a state, where you loose tax and license after selling, forget it completely, you will loose a lot.

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License? In NY so tax on total lease payment

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You can’t go wrong here at MSRP. They are selling around $80K at auction and holding given MY23.


Curious what the lease payments are if you don’t mind me asking?

heres my calc calculator qouted price is actually $859 monthly go figure…

At MSRP, go for it. You will have time to adjust your hold period should the market change. They’re +$10k new and around the same used.


MY23 Defender at MSRP I think is a good deal.

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The MF was like corresponding 7.5% last month, but RV was 88% on 7.5k. For a flip, take 5k miles for an extra 1%. Like others said, you probably can’t go wrong at MSRP, even if the prices go down somewhat. I financed and will probably keep it for a while. Defenders are coming to the East Coast this month.

Is it possible to do a balloon on a Defender? 88% RV is incredibly high.

[quote=“zaimer, post:8, topic:427959, full:true”]
MY23 Defender at MSRP I think is a good deal.
[/quote] A good deal it definitely is, Q is if not keeping 24 months…

[quote=“Ursus, post:9, topic:427959, full:true”]
Defenders are coming to the East Coast this month.
[/quote] Meaning excess inventory ?

No, meaning they are finally coming :slight_smile: A few boatloads.

Enter from Zeebrugge (they arrive there from Slovakia by train) to NY or Baltimore.

Yup had another one bit higher msrp coming in at the end of the month… hope all the inventory doesn’t tank the market

They also pick some LRs/RRs on the way in Southampton, I think.

If you’re confident enough, take it. At 61 you’re a bit skinny but I think you’ll be fine?

Things are uncertain, and I’m fully prepared to buy mine in cash or finance if things go belly up, because I actually really like it.

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Yes the afg is even higher if you have a lower msrp car.

A ballon is in the 400s but your overall cost will be higher even with the lower rate due to sales tax, less you live in de or tx or va, so dc ppl could consider this if they want to flip vis a vis hold.

What would the effective be in say California with a 7.75% tax rate on nominally a 72k sticker?

For a 110S? Ballon is more effective with a skinnier sticker like OPs. A 72k 110 S is 8k over mrm.

For a 61k with 9% tax as a worst case

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I don’t think they use '23 MMR yet.

This is a 2023 in the calculator, not a 22, so who knows.

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