2023 BMW M3 (50th Anniversary or 50 Jahre) Edition

Just a basis number
I’m sure you can fetch at least another 3 ezzzzzz

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Now opening this up to residents of NY and FL as well.

Quite surprised this car hasn’t gone yet.

One last shot on LH. The color is techno violet.


Do we know what the monthly comes out to roughly (assuming first / TTL DAS in a tax-monthly state)?

Thanks for the video, that color is amazing.

After giving away my msrp Limerock M3 jahre allocation to a fellow LH member, I’ve been regretting it since then so I found a Techno Violet M3 jahre for 1.5k over msrp… dont feel great paying over sticker but your video made my decision easy. I would be surprised if yours wont sell GLWS!

Purple cars are the best. I’ll post one soon hopefully. :joy:

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This thread just drives my FOMO on ordering an M3. I really want to get one.

These “appearance pack” special editions don’t get much respect on the various bmw forums.

I’d rather just order a comp with individual paint and be able to pick any color under the rainbow. Individual paint is discounted right now to $3750.

Or wait for CS model that has been spotted testing recently. With CS up charge, there is an actual tangible difference in performance vs standard models.


I’m going to need an M coach. Someone to show me the way :joy:

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