2023 BMW M3 (50th Anniversary or 50 Jahre) Edition

Decisions, decisions. Need to learn a bit more about this “Edition” but for now we get to choose the color on the order. 500 units for North America market, and the paint colors won’t be available on any other 2023 model. Pretty cool!

  • 138 Cinnabar Red
  • 299 Technoviolet Metallic
  • A30 Interlago Blue Metallic
  • P7E Fire Orange III
  • C39 Lime Rock Grey Metallic

And brake calipers (Blue/Red/Black/Gold CCB)

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Technoviolet with gold brakes would be my pick given that darker colors hide the grille pretty well, and who doesn’t like a unique color?

How do I get one?

Maybe the CS version?

Step 1: get ready for fork over at least $20k over MSRP

Step 2: pray for a production slot. :rofl:

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I read somewhere that the other colors come with a matching tarp.

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Agree with technoviolet and gold.

If you want to go for ugliest, fire orange with blue brake calipers, with the yas marina carbon seats.

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Slightly unrelated comment but I would love to see BMW reuse or make a spin off of the previous gen M4 CS OLED taillights in the new CS. Maybe I’m alone on this but I thought they looked so cool.

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@iac plz text me ur Venmo I want one.



Technoviolet with gold calipers would be badass, but that is a very specific buyer. Will either be a homerun or sit for a while.

Safe choice is Lime Rock Grey with red calipers. Will move quickly, but not as special.

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Have a couple allocation available on these. Yes there is markup.

+10 starting but I’ll take any reasonable offer to the table.

Top one sounds like an Encinitas special.

Gimme the Superman edition: Interlagos Blue with red interior and red calipers.


Not alone at all, I love those things.

Where can we find more info about this car, options, and what would be so special?

I thought we were boys
I’ll take one at MSRP :wink:

Great question, I’ve looked for everything I can on my end and can’t find much yet… It’s just marked “Edition.” Not necessarily cryptic but when I do get more info I’ll share.

@BMW_Dave you have one at MSRP? 🫠

Yep. Even the price is blocked and everything.

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There’s only a pair I know of that would specifically have sold for list (dealer group policy) and both are sold since yesterday or today.

I’m up to 5 allocations I can get my hands on at +10 (and one at +9) so far. I’m sure I’m not the only one calling around on these so there may be some price creep as these get sold.

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