2022 LA Auto Show Nov 18-27

I forgot this was happening starting tomorrow. Missed some events for some of the reservations I had… Chevy Silverado EV event was today and the VinFast Lotus event is on Saturday (had to register yesterday).

But at least I got 2 free tickets from Chevy so will check this out.

The OC Auto show didn’t have many of the luxury brands and it looks like the LA one is also missing BMW, Audi and Mercedes. I was hoping to check out the EQB.

Not sure what day to go… weekdays traffic is bleh and weekends will be too crowded… maybe this weekend will be less crowded than next weeknd.

Anyone else going?

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I’ll be there this weekend

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Just go to a dealer to look at the eqb. I wasn’t impressed, but thats because its essentially a B Class. The EQS SUV however was impressive.

C’mon… this is LH… no one goes to a dealership unless they are have the deal calc’d and the RV/MF primed.

But seriously… hate going to my local MBZ dealership… let’s just say they feel like they are doing me a favor.

I don’t mind that the EQB is basically an electrified GLB… I think more makers should do that.


I’m surprised that BMW, Audi and Mercedes won’t be there. They will be at the Phoenix show next week.

Ill sell you my eqb if you want.

As long as you aren’t making any money…


More space for Vinfast and the Awards goons.

MB showing at the past several were usually disappointing, save for some concepts

Audi has previously had some great/larger setups there.

BMW has blown their marketing budget the past year with UDE and EV events.

And really, if we’re honest, it’s all about the Porsche cave and the food trucks. And the return of test drives. After sufficient time canoodling with a Polestar 3. :kissing_heart:

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Surprised about the lack of Audi/bmw/Mercedes

The problem with the Porsche display is most cars are locked. Just looking without getting seat time is boring.

Skipping it this year

As long as i dont lose.

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That probably explains why the “Drive to Suppress Appetites” promotion this year didn’t even offer a $29 rebate.

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That team had to turn right around for the “Thrill of paying over MSRP” events throughout the South East, once their tractor trailer was re-wrapped.

I thought that was called Blessings Bonanza.

I got 2 FREE tickets through Jeep Wave, with my latest lease from Oct 31st, Camp Jeep Fast Pass is inclusive… may go on Thanksgiving day (less traffic)

Their disdain for traditional auto shows predates the global pandemic.

They also said they prefer Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, etc for in-person events

Too lazy to go and deal with parking these days… The last time I went to the LA show, All 3 were there. BMW with the typical cars as they have no halo…
I remember they had their AMG One prototype roped off and audi had an R8 roped off.

BMW used to give OL codes at these auto shows.

How did you get tickets from Chevy ? I have a c8 they didn’t send me anything :joy:

I reserved a Silverado EV… I was invited to their EV event yesterday and also given a pair of tix.

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A friend of mine is at the show now. He just posted this on FB.

Those wheels are ridiculous. :rofl: