2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE

Maybe it’s just not available anymore in March? Still haven’t been able to get anything from jeep site for a private offer. Could it be regional?

What is invoice pricing on base ‘23 ?

+$1795 destination

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Anyone successfully used to returning leasee on Base GC ? Stacked with other incentives CARB etc

Works fine if your lease expiration date is in the allowable window.

Dealer can’t get it to work. It’s a ram lease expiring 3/24 says it might be zip and vin specific… ratwfindr doesn’t let me stack ‘‘em either

Ratefindr stacks them just fine for me.

Are they/you selecting it as the returning lessee bonus cash or then returning lessee private offer? The private offer wont stack with the jeep.com tdm but the bonus cash does (at least per ratefindr)

Bonus cash. It’s grayed out on ratefindr for me

What zip code?

Does anyone know the latest MMR for a base 23? How much higher is it than 22? The last time the 23 GC 4xe was posted in the MMR thread there was only 1 sale. Thanks in advance

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Anyone order a GC 4xE recently? Please post your turn around time

Ship date still tbd

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Since so many JGC 4xe deals and signed, there should be a JGC 4xe Superthread. It will make it easier for everyone. @trusted_hackrs @moderators


Write the first post with some basic pointers

@mllcb42 probably knows more about getting a deal on the GC 4xe but from my experience, these are the some of the factors that can get you a ~$500 lease $0 DAS on a GC 4xe:

  • 7%+ off of MSRP from dealer (no ADMs/blessings)
  • Many dealers will work on aged units
  • Base trim 24/10k CCAP subvented lease has the best rates
  • Must have incentives, depending on the area, that can range from $10500 to $13500k (adding Jeep TDM)

And some stuff that I think people should know:

  • If getting the Base trim, try to have at least the Lux Tech II package that adds the best features to the Base trim like ventilated seats, wireless charger, digital rear view camera, 2nd row shades, 360 camera and additional safety features
  • Base trim does have the passenger touchscreen
  • Base trim does not NOT have a tow hitch receiver

Are you leasing it? Also are you in nj ?

Yes lease. In FL, not in NJ.

i’m giving up on May for the moment. here’s to hoping June has some better numbers.

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Okay, i was looking to lease in nj so pinged u

Jeep pulled the 2022 builder from online. What was the approximate MSRP on a base 22 with the luxury tech package?