2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE

Found a couple videos out ahead of the release today… very interested to see if the pricing details will come out today. Hoping for another deal like the Wrangler 4XE. Any ideas on when orders can be placed?

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk 4xe Plug-in Hybrid | Road & Trail Driving, Interior, Exterior

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4xe Plug-in Hybrid | Driving, Interior, Exterior

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interested as well. only thing I wonder is if the rv will be decent.

I think the deals are going to be wild on this – 5 trim levels at different price points

4xE started at $60k

The residual and MF is going to be looked at – but if they pass on the rebate and get to 8% below MSRP – could be a rerun of the wrangler


I don’t think it will be a direct re-run of Wrangler, but I do think it’ll be competitive.

I’m keeping a close eye on these. I’ve got about 6 months left on my wife’s passport. Does anyone know the eta for the GC-L 4xe?

Alright where’s the number , if anything like the wrangler I’ll be ordering another one of these

release date is winter 21

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Wish they could have crammed in slightly more battery capacity than 25 miles worth, but this is a pretty cool package regardless. Looking forward to seeing the lease numbers on these…

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Historically when the GC is redesigned/released it is in heavy demand, so I suspect for first couple model years will have decent RV. It is not going to compete with the Wrangler, as that has some of the best resale value/ RV of anything on the market. Just like you, I’m very interested to find out details on it all.

I’m also hopeful for some good volume to hit the market too, I saw a nice influx of the GCL on dealer lots shortly after it was released.

From a design aspect, I think it is excellent- very much true to the brand, while brining in a modern upscale look to compete with the wide range of luxury SUVs out there today. The interior materials look excellent, and I like that they didn’t move to all capacitive buttons for radio and climate controls like many other manufacturers are doing.

Articles have indicated early 2022.

What an odd release schedule. I wonder why they’d bring the GC-L to market before the GC, but do the 4xe concurrently with the GC release and lag behind on the GC-L. Guess that’s Chrysler for you.

I agree, I would have liked to see double that. Hopefully as tech improves we should see that go up quickly. :crossed_fingers:t3:
I think the limit is due to balancing battery weight and payload capacity while toeing the line of the GVW.

Sorry, I mispoke and misread your original comment. The GC-4xe will be delivered early 2022. I haven’t heard anything of a 4xe GC-L…yet. However, the GC-L already is underpowered IMO with the 3.6L so I’d imagine a 3.6L hybrid would be needed for it.

The 4-cyl hybrid in the Wrangler 4xe is FAR more powerful than the standard 3.6, so I don’t think they need to provide even more in the GC.

Wrangler Unlimited Sahara = 4,200 lbs
4xe = 5,100 - 5,222 lbs
GC-L = 4,600 - 5,086 lbs

While the 4xe may be far more powerful, it also has 900+ additional pounds on it. Add the same logic to the GC-L and you’re at 5,400-6k lbs.

Yep, keeping an eye on this one with my QX60 lease up end of March…

VERY interested in this, but not until next spring. Hopefully the current EV credits stay the same or get better. Build configurator is up but sadly no pricing on anything Experience The All New 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee & Grand Cherokee 4xe

Not a fan of the current color choices though.

I get it. But, at the same time, the Wrangler 4xe can hit 60 from a stop in a hair over 5 secs. Even if this ballooned to low 6s with 4-800 extra lbs, it would still be quick enough, IMHO.

The problem could come when the battery is exhausted and you are towing a load, though.

they need to throw up the prices lmao


My QX60 lease is up in February. This Jeep checks all the boxes for now.

Do I need proactively do something to qualify for a particular discount like Penfed when leasing Jeep?