2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE

$250 now …

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Anyone sold one recently? Thinking about picking up a 2023 to flip

Would be tough to make a profit or even break even at this point… unless heavily discounted


IMO don’t. Friend tried all up and down the East coast. Got one mid Dec at 10% off and best she can find is $1k net after holding for 2 months and 1500miles (NY so about 1800 in taxes up front tbf). Wishes she’d sold sooner but plates took forever. Most of the offers are at or under buyout, even w florida dealers that were offering higher $$ a month ago.

Spring and Sommer might better but it’s real slow right now.

Edit, FWIW the dealer I sold my '22 GC 4xe to is selling it for the same price they purchased it for.

Yeah this is not a good flip. Now that the used space has plenty of inventory (and risk averse buyers) we’re back to a world where Grand Cherokees depreciate… a lot. The Wrangler flip was fueled in part that those hold their value. Even the glut of them on lots should move once temps rise.

The GC 4xe is a nice ride for the money… but the flip window closed.

The notion of flipping new cars for a profit is an indication of just how ridiculous the car market became due to the pandemic. The fact that it’s no longer possible to do so is an indication that the market is returning to normal. A good thing for leasing.

Could anyone provide the latest MMR for 2022 GC 4xe Overland Trim? Would be much appreciated.

If you can get a good lease deal. Otherwise, it’s 10-15k overpriced.