2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE

I watched the 61500 run, was a lux pack truck.

I think the floor in these is 59-60k at auction.

57k should be doable unless you run it yourself.


Lux Pack like an option or luxe pack like a summit reserve?

Whatever the ventilated seat package is on the base.

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my 23 is now in “schedule” status. 7 weeks after ordering.

Anyone know what the invoice price on ‘22 base is?

How can I find incentivized lease rates for the GC4xe? Looks like the standard lease rate sheet is higher / not the same as the quotes from dealer? I’ve gotten a few quotes from the same dealer and the MF is changing for same miles / months.

They also don’t know how to do sign and drive it appears :man_facepalming:

57,618 was mine not including destination. Early order too before price hikes.

Rate Findr has that information, as they have direct access to it from the captive banks. It’s a tool on the Leasehackr Calculator, available to Super Supporters.

As for the sign and drive, despite ccap giving explicit instructions on exactly how to do it, dealers still seem to struggle.

Thanks for that info.

If the MF is incentivized, is the sign and drive MF also lower than the standard 0.00063 markup? They had said there would be a 0.00029 markup rather than 0.00063

The sign and drive mark up shouldnt have anything to do with if its incentivized.

There is a different mark up amount based on lease term.

Helpful thanks, yeah on a 27+ month lease its .00029 instead of .00063.
For others, on pg 4 of the linked: https://training.chryslercapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/CC-LSG_50410-1-Lease-Program-Guide-1.pdf

I have been trying to push, best discount I have found on base is 4.35% off. They do include full tax credits though so paying no sales tax in TX.

Giving adjusted cap around 50,600-50,800; still about 1000 to 1500 than I was looking.

I have a feeling by the end of next month (Dec) dealers are going to get a lot more antsy, especially with units sitting on the lot for 30+ days and the tax credit presumably expiring.

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Anyone know what is the incentivized rate? Do I need to tell my dealer now or just at the time of signing?

If the rate is incentivized at the time of order, it should be lockable. Otherwise, it only matters what it is at the time of signing.

Aged unit that was sticker’d right before the price hike saved me about $1500 of further negotiating as MSRP on BASE jumps up to around $62.6k. Full tax credits so paid $0 in taxes. Could live with the markup on acquisition and the dealer adds as a result. Think I did pretty well for in stock.

Actually came out slightly better as they didn’t mark up acquisition fee.


Did you stack the $1000 Black Friday and $1000 Private offer to get to $9500 total rebate?

Looks like you got about 5.7% discount from MSRP?


$0 tax is awesome. Good deal.

Yes fed tax, Black Friday and bonus cash

39/10 with incentivized MF.

I think 27m term is the sweet spot