2022 Bolt EV and EUV price drop! $6,300 Customer Cash

I wonder how long before they realize this has happened.

Also, Im sooo jealous of you new jersey folks when it comes to EV no sales tax. Other things, not so much…


If you’re getting one with $6k cash, the resale value from the original MSRP isn’t really as much of a concern. Real world, it’ll hold it’s value just fine from the transaction price.


Currently looking for a new car: at this price point, is it better to lease or purchase the car? Apologies for the newbie question :frowning:

Are you then responsible for the balloon payment or you can give it back?

Purchase. There’s no additional lease incentives at the moment.

Worth financing?

The program does have a return option. but based on current wholesale values of 2 year old Bolt EV Premier (there are no EUV to compare) it should be worth at least $30K on a finale payment of $25K – so you may actually get $5K by selling wholesale before the final payment.


I find that very … surprising

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How come your interest rate on the afg calc is lower than mine?

His MRM is higher…

I’m entering my own rate using the option in your calculator labelled “AFG Balloon Lending Rate.”
This is the best rate I believe I can qualify for given the credit unions I watch (2.99/24)

Also note the Bolt EUV is under “Chevrolet Trucks” in the calculator.
Looks like you loaded the Bolt EV

Are ‘21s even remotely available? For some reason the 2k rebate for being an uber driver is still active for the ‘21 bolt but has expired for the ‘22

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I get that, but on every vehicle I put in, it auto loads the 5.75%, whereas yours auto loads 3.49% on what I believe is the same calculator. Maybe different regions get different rates?

Also I loaded the EUV but LT, whereas you probably loaded the premier

It’s still active on 22s. Dealers can see it.

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There is a base rate set by AFG and then each CU can set their own offset.

If you look at the calculator URL, note the trailing CUID field

CUID=99999 this is the AFG default public rate
CUID=211380483 This is the Hanscom CU public rate. this is the calculator I start with.

There are many other CU with their own IDs that yield different calculator options.


Also, I just googled this and added calculator after, and it pulled up a different calculator than both of ours. This one says Sunmark Select Auto Program Rate and defaults at 2.99%

Edit: saw your message above and it makes more sense now. Thank you!

Really? Seems like the uber site is not updated then. Could be a decent deal with that incentive if it can stack

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Here you go:

I don’t know how many can be stacked. I have a friend in GM, have a code from him, (new grad??), CA clean fuel and conquest?

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Forgot already…how did Chevy burn thru the Fed rebate, when Leaf out since 2011 still has it?