2022 Bolt EV and EUV price drop! $6,300 Customer Cash

Chevy announced a price drop on their Bolt EV and EUV, both 2022 and 2023 models

$6,300 Customer Cash

The difficulty is finding a dealer who has these cars in stock.


I assume this is designed to match the price reduction announced for 2023 models.

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Yeah, figured this was coming. Has to be a real bummer for anyone who bought one in the last month…


Yes. Earlier there was some confusion on the pricing on the 2022 models. Dealers weren’t saying they would offer the rebate on their existing inventory. Now it is official

Yeah, I guess I lucked out as my tagged vehicle is still “in Transit.” It was supposed arrive at the dealership by mid week of May. Still no trace of it.

Interesting. No 2023s yet so no programs. On 2022 I see Loyalty or Conquest plus Bonus Cash


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Just confirmed with one dealer who has in-stock. $6k cash is for purchase only, not lease ( I dont know why he would say that)


Because that’s the terms of the offer (valid on purchase, not financing or lease).


how is purchase different than finance?

Does Bolt still qualify for CVRP rebate?

Frequently the incentives for purchase / finance are different than lease.

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Yes: CCFR and CVRP

This could make for a great balloon loan because AFG still has the MRM $6K higher.

Just concerned about the Bolt holding it’s value.

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can you clarify? What’s AFG and MRM Not familiar with these acronyms. If there is a way to finance this AND get the $6k rebate that would be awesome to make it all work :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a handy website. Bookmarked!

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Time to go bolt hunting. With this cash, equity on my 2021 Trailblazer & CVRP rebate seems I can get a good deal on a purchase.


Please get in line behind me. Don’t cut ahead take away my chances to snagging one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How long does that process take? If I try to get a loan application today, when can i show up to a dealer to get it off the lot ?

As long as it’s standard rate financing, you can finance it with the offer, but you won’t get even the mildest subvented finance offer along with the cash.


Here is a Bolt EUV Premier at my local dealer with GM supplier and the $6300 customer cash.

With no EV tax in NJ, you would be OTD for $32,027.50. Here is the AFG balloon loan program

Payment would be $0 DAS $370/mo for 24mo with final payment of $24,921.42.

No longer then any other 3rd party financing. As fast as 2 days but probably more like 3 to 5 from application to check.