UBER Zero Emissions Incentive Program - $2000 off ‘21&’22 Bolt/Bolt EUV + $6000 off 22 Leaf/Leaf Plus


Uber Bolt Deal confirmed not usable for leases, Leaf deal most likely the same.

That being said, $37k MSRP 2021 Bolt at $27k minus dealer discounts and applicable state rebates gets you low to mid 20s for a 250 mile range EV!

$28K MSRP Nissan Leaf, minus $6k Uber & $7,500 fed tax credit, $14k for a new Leaf S, when you factor in applicable state and utility discounts, can get one for right over $10k!

Happy Hacking :wink:


Wearing hackr hat, can I join Uber twice, as a driver and as a customer, then request a ride from myself for ‘our’ commute?

Driver ratings for Alphawave7: “This dude is amazing! He’ll serenade you covering pop hits from the past 50 years, and his Patti LaBelle is off the hook! Choose this dude for your next ride!”


Wow, 2 weeks to take this. Must take delivery by 5/2 to get all the money

Where can I find Nissan Leaf S+ or SV+? It’s rare to find.

Great deal if you can make it happen given current stock. Dealer will eat half of those discounts probably. How long to join uber? Anyone knows?

How many NEW 2021s are out there?

Not many i assume.

As soon as you clear background and take your car to get inspected
I’d say 1-2 weeks


Considering the fact that they stopped building them from mid-year 2021 through March 2022, I’d say virtually impossible.

A few of my local dealers are sitting on one or two, but one of mine has about 8 or 9.

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8-9 Bolts or Leaf?

Any idea when Uber came out with this? Wonder if it will be extended past May 2nd…apparently their background check itself takes around 2 weeks.

Looks like this is only applies to a purchase…has anyone successfully used this incentive on a lease?

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Hello leasehackers! Need advice where can I buy Leaf in CA with uber rebate?
I contacted the nearest Nissan dealers and none of them heard about this deal. Please advice!


You ain’t getting it for msrp I can tell you that which makes it a no

Yep, most of the dealers are saying they’re not participating to the extent that they won’t even allow their employees to buy at “employee pricing.” I found one dealer willing to honor it (and only marking up MSRP by $1K), but waiting for Uber to get through their background checks.

I had registered as a driver 5 yrs ago (never drove a mile), so it’s basically starting from scratch which apparently takes 1-2 weeks. Hope Uber extends the date on the rebate :-s

I’ve been working this one as well since I found out about this deal earlier this week. I’m actually eligible since I have an active Uber driver account, I just can’t get any dealers to play ball. Once they find out about the discount, they either ghost me or say they don’t do it. Let me know if you get a deal with anyone (I’ll do the same if I get any traction).

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