2022 Bolt EV and EUV price drop! $6,300 Customer Cash

Can I order now to get the new rebate? (this is the 7.5k fed credit we are taking about?)

If you read thru this thread there are some pluses and minuses. Personal preference.

Check their FAQ but that isn’t run by the utilities so I don’t think that matters.

If you take delivery on a Bolt or EUV in 2022, no Federal Tax credit. At least half of it returns on 1/1 for GM.

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It has not yet been determined how much credit, if any, this will get for 2023

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If that is true in 2023, chances are that Chevy will reduce the $6300 incentive to offset the fed credit, right?

Thanks so much. I found a 22 which I can get, also found a dealer that has 23 that will arrive in 2-3 weeks. No markup.

I now need to find supplier discount and if I can apply to 22 and 23. I don’t work for a qualifying employer.

Wish I bought this EUV few weeks ago when I saw this thread. There was the extra $750 rebate in CA too then, and probably a lot more dealers had these cars in stock.

I have a close relative who works for GM, can I get an employee code from him (I see it’s $3000 discount) without him being on the registration?

The $6300 incentive on the 2022 was to bring it’s price down after Chevy announced the 2023’s MSRP would be less. It is what it is for the remainder of the 2022 MY

Stock has been low, and most CA dealers added an ADM. You didn’t miss some glut of cheap Bolts by a few weeks, people were on top of the incentives.

Yes: if they have codes remaining to give in 2022 they just need to login to the supplier portal and generate one for you. They don’t need to be on the reg.

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wow, that’s great! thanks!

Do you think the dealer will have any problems adding that code to get me the extra $3k then? Anyone here able to add this 3k code on top of the 6300 incentive?

They should not, some of the marketplace dealers mention it. I haven’t looked since August, but supplier on the Bolt was only $1500…

Yes but dealer needs to accept the code.


employee code is for $3000 (purchase). I will have to check with dealer if a relative working for GM will work in this case.

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I see it’s updated: $3k for 2022 and $2500 for 2023

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As alluded by John, the incentives on the 2022s only exist because the 2023 MSRP was reduced by $6,300.

At this moment there is no reason to expect any incentives on top of the 2023 price reduction.

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I took delivery of a 2022 LT loaded. I got the $6300 rebate + $2000 Uber at MSRP with no addons.


Uber still works? I read somewhere in here that they stopped using uber. What was your MSRP?

I checked with the dealer I was speaking with, no addons, but they won’t accept GM employee $3000 or $1500 incentive, bummer. Any other discounts I can be eligible for that I may not know or any way to convince them to accept?

I’m in Michigan so they pretty much have to they were just going to do supplier but the day before they said they would accept Uber. Sticker was $37,080 before the $8300 in rebates so $28,780 plus tax license doc

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So Uber still works , is this recent? Is there a way to get it if I sign up for Uber driving now? What are the requirements for getting this discount code.

Yes if you sign up now you get it through the end of year. I got it on a 2022. I’ve heard it’s more difficult to get the discount on the 2023 but I’ve heard if they call Uber support they will confirm you can do it on a 2023 but I’m not sure. I know if you purchase a 2022 the discount is still valid.

Thanks. I was looking at a 23 and found one near me . do you know if a code from a friend who has Uber driver account work or the code is linked to my name/identity ?
If I create an account today, can I still get the code without even completing a single ride as driver?

I post the Uber terms and condition a while back. Scroll up and you can find it.


Has to be in your name. No need to complete rides but you need to pass the background check and be ready to drive