2021 GLA 250 - deal check


Negotiating a deal at PA. How do these numbers look?

Dealer is at 487 plus tax with $1920 upfront for 39 months and 10k miles.

MSRP - 44445
Sell price- 40266 with incentive.
Incentive - loyalty and corporate.
Can corporate be stacked with dealer cash?

Here is my target calc sheet. Is this realistic?

Check this, your questions will be most likely answered here.

Thanks! @Batistuta

How does this look?

Update from dealer -

Monthly - 501.54 with tax
Upfront - first month + 2750 refundable MSD.

Corporate (fleet) cannot be stacked with dealer cash, in my experience

Your post says 39 months and your calculator shows 36 months. I would suggest you consider a 48mo lease term, I think it makes the most sense for this car. Would save you about $22/mo here.

You should consider max MSDs ($5500). You can put 10 of them down on a 2021 GLA250 and it will lower the payment around $45/mo.

With above terms you should be able to put just MSDs down and have a $460/mo with tax payment

Thank for the input.

Dealer quoted for 39 months and i was targeting the numbers in the calculator.

After negotiations dealer is willing to above numbers. 501 with tax monthly.

My thoughts on longer lease at 48 months would lead to more wear and tear payments like tires etc?

With max MSD, just closed on a home mortgage, trying to keep it low out of pocket.

I love my GLA250 so I am generally a supporter of the car. But for $500/mo you can get into a nicer Mercedes, C class or GLC even. The GLA only really make sense if you can get into it for $400 or less. If it’s the car you must have, the dealers payment sounds right for the terms they are offering, the discount is good.

As for the 48mo term, keep in mind the warranty for Mercedes is 48 months, so you will be under warranty the whole time. My tires don’t generally last 36 months so I am replacing them anyway.

Well, my first choice was a GLC. Currently driving a c300, it was dealer suggestion to get a GLA for lower price, as 2021 is very well upgraded.

Dealer mentioned selling price is 40266 incl of incentives(loyalty and corporate), not sure how he is getting to that payment with around 5% discount (excl incentives). Will check for more info and post here.

GLC would be atleast 3k more than this MSRP, would that come down to $500 or below per month ?

MSRP is only loosely tied to lease cost

Have you checked his thread? @AutoCompanion

🐶 LeaseCompanion Oct Mercedes Deals MD/DC/VA Nationwide - A/CLA/GLB/GLC/C300/C43/E350 12-20% Limited Deals Up!

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Yes, I am already in touch with Leasecompanion.

My local dealer has one 2020 GLC300 loaner left, they are offering it at 22% off MSRP. The lease payment would be equal to this GLA250. They also have a GLC43 loaner. Your dealer is probably steering you towards a GLA250 because they have so many on the lots, versus much fewer GLC. I think you need to figure out the car you want first.

Considering the price for a better car was almost similar, here is a quote I received for 2021. Please provide inputs

I pay $453/MO for a almost decked out GLC 300 (besides AMG Package) with almost nothing down and and so I strongly can say you could most likely find a GLC for less than $500 a mo.

I strongly suggest working with MB Springfield if you’re willing to travel from PA-MA. They were amazing.

Is this a 2020 or 2021 GLC 300? I looked at an almost fully loaded (no AMG package) 2021 GLC 300 4Matic and couldn’t get that number for 36/12, even with no MF mark up.

this was a 20 everything besides AMG Package, TO BE FAIR, Covid has made it tough to find a good deal, just got lucky I guess, but I know a GLC 300 an be had under $500/MO, unless you really want the new re-designed GLA.

Ah, OK.

Yeah, the best I can get so far for the 2021 is about 11% off MSRP, no MF markup. That still translate to $600+ with no MSD.

What’s the point of discussing monthly payments with no context? What’s the discount, incentives, MF, RV and tax required to get to $500?