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Can the ABA Fleet for C class be applied to the AMG models like an MY20 C43 lease?

Yes the C43 as a different amount than the c300

Would it be accurate to say, as a general rule, that any model with “AMG” in the name is going to have a different fleet incentive, if any, than the “regular” Mercedes model?

It should be listed on the ABA form when you get it. Typically the fleet is only $500 better than the standard incentive. C43 actually in the case has more money than the C300. 2K for the C43 with fleet vs 1K C300 fleet

Thanks for the response Calvin. I’m just not seeing the C43 listed on any of the links above. Could you please let me know which form you are referring to?

My wife works for one of the companies that qualify for fleet program however the car will be in my name (self-employed). Can I still qualify for fleet through spouse? Can my father qualify for fleet through his daughter in law?

No, if your wife qualifies for fleet you cannot use her incentive, you will need to have her on the loan/lease.

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Thank you for clarifying! @oarfish18

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Here’s something new I learned about the CSIP AKA “Small Fleet” program, you don’t use the MF that you normally find on the forums, rather, there is a standard MF that’s on near the end of the sales program that you use. I didn’t know about this until yesterday when I sat down with a dealer to work on a deal!

Yes they recently announced it. It’s very complicated. Standard rates are very high

I was looking at GLS’ and it wasn’t terribly worse. In some cases, it’s almost double which wipes away that discount

I have asked a local dealer about it and they stated that you have to buy and source your own financing to utilize the small fleet discount.

I wasn’t informed about that. Also, it wouldn’t make sense for them to have a standard rate if you’re finding your own lol

They just announced this recently. It requires you to use Standard rate for the leasing or financing. As for the financing, it will be better to go to another lender that will accept business financing. Standard rate leases only makes sense for certain vehicles.


Could you please clarify how United Premier Fleet code works? I got a printout from United saying it should give 2000 or 2500 on 2020 E 350 Sedan, for example, but when dealer ran it through his system it ended up being 500 or some other small number, and he said we are already giving you some other incentive that is not stackable with United, and I need to use either one. theirs was higher incentive so they just ignored the United.

The same story with two different dealers.


The fleet should be the highest incentive if you are leasing. Are you financing?


That’s weird. Fleet is $2500 and regular incentive is $2000. They don’t stack and should be whichever one is more. Are you registering it under business

No, personal. I already signed the dela but just asking to clarify as this is the second year I’m trying to use that ‘benefit’ with no luck :slight_smile: I should just give up on United