2021 GLC 300 4matic - deal check

How does this sound?
Was not sure about the inception, played around to match the dealer quote.


Dealer agreed for following numbers-

MSRP - $49595
discount - guess around 11.8%
incentive - loyalty and corporate $1500
Monthly - $500 inc tax and fees.
upfront - first month
MSD - 5
Including MB care


Any thoughts on the above deal?
Should i sign?

Only change - Instead of MB care, dealer promised to reset the maintenance for an express oil change at $150 per service.


So your previous quote included maintenance… how did excluding maintenance make your deal better?

Why are you guessing what the discount is?

How is the dealer fee $0?

Well, I was unable to match the deal with calculator.
Modified the fees to bring it to the number quotes.

Here is the breakdown -

MSRP - $49595
discount - 11.5%
SP - $43909
incentive - loyalty and corporate $1500
Monthly - $500 inc tax and fees.
upfront - first month
MSD - 5

Could not match the calculator even with 0 dealer fees.

These calculator links mean nothing if you just make up numbers. Can you post the dealer’s worksheet?

When you can’t get the numbers to at least come very close to matching, it’s in your best interest to figure out why. Evaluating a deal that doesn’t add up doesn’t do you much good, as you’re not actually evaluating the deal.

Here is more explanation on the deal.
I fail to match the calc with the quote.

From dealers email -

Sale price $42399 a total savings of $7186 includes all loyalty and incentive. The residual is 52% $25784.20 and the money factor is .00036 base .00071 reduction for msd’s .00035 net factor .00036

On asking for fees -

The fees are that I am capping ( rolling into the payment) the acquisition fee and the tag transfer $1095 acq fee and $496.47 tags $5.00 tire tax cap cost is $43990.47 You are paying the 1st payment of $500 and 5 msd’s@ $550 ea total $2750. The security deposit is calculated on the payment before the interest reduction.

I have not received a dealer incentive. But dealer claims he is losing $180 on the deal.
And dont see anything missing with MF or RV either for the term. Confirmed with Edmunds.

@mllcb42 @Jon

Why are you doing a 42 month lease vs 36 months?

Works out pretty close to their offer. Off by a few hundred DAS, but that could easily be based on how taxes are applied

Didnt realise i could uncheck the acquisition fee and gov fee to not pay upfront.

So is this is a good deal to take?

well, i wanted to be under $500 and without paying anything out of pocket.

I understand but are you okay paying for a full year of registration (in your last year of the lease), but only using the car for 6 months? What about maintenance costs such as oil changes? They can get pricey.

Is it in writing? Will it cover all oil changes or just the first one?

With registration, i have already paid for current tags until feb 2021 and will be transferred.
It just a couple of hundreds any way.

Sorry, may be i was not clear. They will not cover the oil change, i will have to pay for it.
But, have it in writing that the maintenance would be reset as any other maintenance if i get the express oil change service.

What’s the need to get that overpriced oil change in writing? $150 per oil change for a 2.0 4-banger that probably needs 5 liters max

Leaving the maintenance, will try to get this included.

Is the deal good on other terms?