2021 California EV Carpool Stickers?

The current Blue stickers expire Jan 1 2025, so about 3.5 years. Next year’s stickers will expire on Sep 2025, so this is the last year to get more than 3 years unless they extend it again.


I stand corrected by my former five-year statement, you’re right about your dating


I hope they extend the program. Pre-COVID, HOV stickers cut my ~17 mile r/t commute from ~75min down to about 30.

Just to close the loop on this (and put an end to my complaining), I finally received the stickers today.


Looks like they’re still running at about three months. Such inefficiency!


They probably would run later but after 3 months the checks would go stale…

The whole sticker thing is silly, surely if there was a patrol officer they can simply run the plate and see if it’s a EV…

Why would a check goes stale after 3 months. I read that here before and when I called into the DMV to check my status I asked that question to the agent. They said some checks say good for 90 days good for 180 days etc. that’s when we enforce it. My checks don’t have any restrictions

How would they know which ones expire in 90 days without processing it? That’s probably why they do.

Because the restrictions are written on the check have you never seen valid for 90 days valid for 180 days printed on a check??

Just google this, multiple reports in the tesla forums on how they handle this and why. If you have alternative data points or a direct line to the special processing unit (which is a special office that normally does government registrations…) feel free to share those but there’s a ton of data points on how this actually works.

They try to process in 90 days since they know all checks are good until at least 90 days. After that, they don’t look at the check, they generally just ask for a new one.

Why post if you know everything? I’m here to learn just like many others. The Agent that I spoken with is the agent for the special processing unit processing unit, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to post that number in an open forum . You can call the general DMV number and they will provide it for you. Others if you’re interested DM me…

As you can tell I don’t like your tone. Enjoy the Tesla forum

As an aside, my data points are the several calls that I made during the three months that I waited for my HOV tags. I specifically asked the agent whom takes the calls for the special processing unit the issue about the checks being returned. I even specifically asked him about the three month period. He stated we only send checks back if it’s past the printed date on the check if there happens to be a valid by date

My check dated 6/15 just got cashed today - 9/1


Well, not sure what happened, but the check has finally been cashed.

Mailed in 5/1, and cashed 9/1. Four full months! Hopefully, getting the decal does not take anywhere near as long. :slight_smile:


That’s good that your check was finally cashed. As I said up thread my tags were received about 10 days after the check was cashed.

So much about the guy that had a lot of static regarding the three months and the Tesla forum. Hopefully he’ll learn from this

Update: Received the decal today(9/10). So about 9 days from cashing the check(9/1).

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Glad you got your stickers. That’s about the same amount of time it took for mine to arrive once the the check was cashed

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