2021 California EV Carpool Stickers?

Hey all, I purchased a 2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e last August, and submitted for the CA carpool stickers in early January, but haven’t heard anything back from the DMV, even if my application was approved or denied. Has anyone else submitted their application for the stickers this year (2021) and heard back? We’re coming up on April meaning almost 3 months ago that I submitted. Even for the DMV, that seems long.

We submitted ours end of Jan and when we called last week, they said they are still processing Jan stickers at the time. Couldn’t verify if our application was received or not. What an archaic process… it should be something you can do online with a simple webform with basic dmv crosschecks…

Man at this point I’m just hoping to have it before the year is up. Everything else related to EVs (SCE rebate, tax credit, etc…) have been so seamless. DMV never fails I suppose… I mailed mine out on January 5th, so I would hope it’s near the top of the list.

They are so slow, submitted at the end of Dec 2020, check cashed last week.

Yikes, hopefully you see the stickers in your mail soon. It’s been painful so far.

i submitted mine in late November, and i got my sticker 9 days ago in CA, at first i thought the check got lost or something so i totally forgot about it, they are really behind

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I have yet to see a single blue (2021) HOV sticker in CA.

I wonder if the team is working from home? Take applications home, process them, bring them back to mail out. Added friction?

Do I need to wait for license plate to apply (not temporary one) in CA? Since application form is asking for both plate# and Vin#

I submitted mine in end of October and got stickers in beginning of February (cash checked on Jan 30th). I also thought they had lost my paperwork but the turnaround has just been really slow.

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Yeah you’ll need to wait for the DMV issued plate. It will be different than the temp plate.

No- you do not. I submitted both of my eTron CA DMV Clean Air Decals on the 2nd day after taking delivery. You put your temp tag plate number on the application and they will automatically update it.

It’s takes 6-8 weeks for them to cash the check and then, another month or 2 to get the actual decals. Don’t recommend putting them directly on the paint. Tesla Model 3 - The Best Way to Apply HOV Stickers - YouTube


Hey there, for what it’s worth, I submitted mine first week of January, and finally saw that the check was cashed. So at least I know the application wasn’t lost in the mail, but now we just need to see when the stickers will actually come!

What did you submit for registration card, there is no registration slip with temp plates

There is, it’s taped to your dashboard by the dealership in CA.

Didn’t get with mine… need to call dealership

You don’t need it. Just the CA temp tag numbers

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Wow they just cashed my check. Sent 1/10…3 months later

Just got my stickers yesterday! For what it’s worth, I really like the blue shade. Will go well on our Black Sapphire Metallic X3e.

Application and check sent to DMV: January 8th
Check cashed: April 14th
Stickers received: April 21st


So for my FIRST Car
1/10 - Sent Check
4/10 - Cashed Check
4/19 - Sent Sticker
4/21 - Got Stickers!

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