Suggestions gave me a link from almost a year ago?

Every now and then I notice a user ressurects an old thread and today at the top of my ‘Suggested Topics’ is this link

Which came from this thread

I was about to answer and realized, whoa this is Sep 2020.

Is there a reason why this suggestion was picked instead of more recent stuff?

Upon searching, the default sort looks to be by relevance but you can change it to most recent.

What searching are you implying I did? I clicked on a link and the Suggested Topics came up.
How do I control what appears at the bottom of a link?

Down here

Ah ok

I’ve never looked at those

I thought you meant when you search for something, sometimes very old threads are at the top of the list.

For example right now.
Something From April, and June? And the April is before the June entry.
Apple Carplay tips and Calculator Double Dipping BMW?

Worth bearing this in mind when somebody necromances a thread. I’ve caught myself almost replying to an ancient thread a few times that popped up due to suggestions.


I got a Suggested Topic today that started in 2017, no updates until June 2021 and today (so: necromancing). I appreciate when people try and search, and many facts from 2017 are still relevant, but absolutely none of those deals are reproducible.

Setting new posts to auto-close after 2 months of inactivity has helped, but that only started in the last year.


Ugh as TWICE I posted in an old thread, is there any hope of removing the old threads from the ‘Suggested list’?

Also can you remove Locked Threads from the Suggested list? It’s just annoying to keep seeing a thread with the LOCK on it, so why is the program suggesting it? It’s locked after all.