2021 California EV Carpool Stickers?

Keep the stickers, they actually make the car desirable to own and its a lease, why pay to remove them

$12.99 delivered from Amazon


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That looks the other way, that’s a sticker on top of the stickers.

Yes that how it works. Apply HOV sticker to protection film, then apply to the vehicle.

I’ll remember to look for those on vehicles, peel it off and stick it on my MDX


I saw on the Tesla forums lots of guys get them because they own the car and expect to replace the sticker with a new one when those come out.

Did you end up getting it? Is it worth it to get?

Yes I had purchased them a few weeks ago. However I haven’t installed them yet as I’m waiting on a friend whom puts a lot of decals on autos to do it for me.

Well let me get your take - why did you buy it instead of just putting it straight on the bumper if it’s a lease?

For $12.99 I thought I’d be nice to the next guy


I have no horse in this particular race, but I can see wanting it easily removable if sold out of state or when it expires.

My understanding is that carpool sticker renewals in CA is becoming less common, you get it when the car is new and that color is good for a certain number of years. Not sure the removal/replacement still applies, or will continue in the future. :man_shrugging:t2:


For $12.99 I thought I’d be nice to the next guy

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Also, you can peel off/replace ad nauseum, whenever looking at them makes you nauseous.

They finally just cashed my check Wednesday (August 4). I sent the application & check on May 19th. Hopefully will receive decals by end of next week.

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Looks like they went from 10 weeks to 11, You should see it within a week.

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Or take them off before you return the car and stick them on the new EV to buy yourself the 3 months until the new stickers come in. :slight_smile:

Well I didn’t say that. hehehe. but it’s an ‘interesting’ idea

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From what I can find, it’s not possible to renew them - you get ~3.5yrs of HOV lane access (2021 stickers are good through the end of 2024) and then that’s it.


Sent my check and application in mid April. Still nothing, ugh…

My current stickers that I just received are good for five years

That’s a total bummer, I don’t know if I threw it away but I had a phone number for the special services unit. It’s actually there call representative assigned for that unit and they can investigate things. I believe I still have the number, p.m. me if you’re interested. Mine went in the middle of April and I got them a month ago as I stated earlier