2021 Bolt Premier

Without Costco this seems as it’s as good as it’s going to get in my area of Michigan. Thoughts please?

Not a great discount. If you don’t have the Costco rebate, have you considered looking at other compact EVs like the Niro, Leaf, etc? The Costco $3k is a huge piece of what makes the Bolt so juicy this month


Marketplace has Niro EX EV’s under $200/mo…more space and more attractive (imho).

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Even with GM Family discount and $7500 incentives? They said they are not allowed to discount msrp pre GMS. Sure Costco would be nice but I don’t have it. Wish I could sign up now and get it damnit!

Even if you had Costco, your effective monthly would still be about $270 which feels a little high relative to what we’re seeing from others on the forum. That said, I don’t really know your market, so I have no idea what rebates we have out here that aren’t available up there. But at the very least, I’d shop this quote around and also cross shop this against other EVs available there. The Niro may not actually be available in your state, but I think the Leaf, Kona, and Ioniq are

No electric Kona or Niro here unfortunately. $350 per month for a $44000 vehicle sounds like a killer deal to me.

Lol. Sounds like you have sold yourself already. It’s not a killer deal relative to what others are paying. The Costco piece is worth ~$90 a month in payments. Why no Kona or Niro? They are going to be cheaper if you are looking for the value.

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Wish I had Costco but I don’t. It would make this deal sweeter though for sure. At $350 and no gas or oil changes I think it’s a great deal compared to other ICE vehicles in the $44000 range. Even a cheaper ice vehicle at $250 per month would cost more if you drive the average of 12k miles per year if you account for gas and maintenance. I was just wondering how everyone else felt about getting a Bolt without Costco or GMS for that matter.

I did a one pay $7,500 for 3 years 36k miles… with 9% sales tax and insane California registration. Negotiated price was around $25k - you can do way better then this.

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Please tell me how! I’m in Michigan. Not Cali.

I just walked into the dealership and told them I’d do a one-pay for $7,500 - they went back and forth with me 3 or 4 times, I left, they called me and said they’d do it, but I had to take a color other then what I picked out (black). I did have Costco though.

Problem is I have GM family discount and GM doesn’t allow discount off msrp on top of GMS in my area. MF is the lowest possible at .00008 nationwide and a residual of 53%. So how can I get any lower? Plus I only qualify for $7500 in incentives. If someone sees a way I can get lower please help ASAP!

You can start by asking for a larger discount off that MSRP. I would shoot for at least 10.5%, and would start by asking for at least 12% off. You are at ~7%. I am also basing this on Cali #'s. Your geography may be able to do better on the discount. Take a look at what others are getting for final sales prices in your area. Every 1% discount over where you are currently will net about ~$11-$13 drop in monthly payment.

That would be great if GM allowed for discounts off msrp exceeding GMS but they do not.

Welp, I will be the first to tell you I am no expert, but if it was me, I would get the feeling I was being played, and look elsewhere.

This below is going to be your downfall. :point_down: It’s not a $44,000 vehicle.

With your $7500 in rebates, and a 6.81% discount, you are not going to hit a very good deal this month. Based on that I would continue looking. If you are dead set on this vehicle, then go for it, but understand it is not a good deal.

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Sounds like you’re getting hung up on the GM family discount while the forum is full of data points where people have gotten better discounts without it (not sure if any are in your region). The point we’re making is that your payment is only going to improve with dealer discount. Rebates won’t change, MF won’t change, residual won’t change.


I would say negotiate the % off MSRP and drop the GM Family Discount. Have you tried reaching out to other dealers and negotiated your discount with the GM Family Discount?

I have gotten 3 Bolt LT 2020 in April 2021 all for less than $7k OTD, one in Texas and two in Florida. I’m trying to help someone without Costco and wonder if the dealerships can still get a LT with a $40k MSRP down to $7k OTD. I get that it’s “easier” for the dealership if the Costco is included, but it seems it’s a discount GM can apply if they wanted AND after 2 months of insane discounts even WITH the $3000 Costco they STILL have a lot of 2020 Bolts. That’s just crazy, it’s not like folks will suddenly want to buy/lease Bolts now that they are more expensive.

The Costco deal was set to expire April 30 2021 but was extended to tomorrow, May 3rd.

Anyone in Florida or other state without local incentives (NJ & CA for example) that for great Lease onepay deals without Costco?

You’re not going to get an extra $3000 off an otherwise aggressive deal, just because you don’t have Costco.

Have you searched the forum for recent deals on Bolts? There should be plenty of data points on the 2021’s.

This is a recent deal, although, I think the OP had a GM employee discount. I have not seen a discount, besides this one, much above 10.5%

For the 2020’s you are basically unicorn shopping. They are not really dealing on them, at least not in California.