2021 Acura RDX advanced package lease check

Any inputs in this lease deal?
MSRP 49025
No rebates
Adjusted cost: 43440
DAS 1550
Monthly payment: 594/month
Lease term: 36mo/15k yearly miles
MF 0.00225

Looks very high. Have you confirmed the lack of incentives with Edmunds or just going off what the dealer said?

Several brokers are considerably lower. Not sure where you are located.

There isn’t any rebates as of what I see on Edmonds. I don’t have loyalty or competitor vehicles which are mentioned on Edmonds

You sure about that? Edmunds is showing $2750 in incentives for everyone that’s asked.

You need to post in the rdx thread and ask for your zip code. Everything that’s on Edmunds that’s not what they give you in the lease forum when you ask is pretty useless.

Another work sheet.
Dealer tell me they put $1000 for conquest and $2750 for lease incentive.
This is the Advance package 2021 RDX with 15k miles per year for 36 months.
I’m not sure how to put these numbers in the calculator; is this a good deal?

So the $44k price has $3750 in incentives (which you need to confirm with Edmunds) rolled in, meaning this is a 3.5% pre-incentive discount. How does that compare to other rdx deals you’ve researched here? I suspect that’s very poor.

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Any particular reason you want the Advance trim? Its RV is usually lower than the Tech models so unless there are features on the Advance that are must haves, I’d consider a Tech model.

Otherwise the only place to improve this deal without loyalty or higher lease cash looks to be sale price, which has a rather small dealer discount.