2020 Tundra SR5

I know these are everywhere but a couple things don’t seem right here, namely MF and rebate
MSRP - 51162
Selling - 43909.47 (Sales Manager says that SE Toyota doesnt have rebate so all dealer discount)
Doc Fee - 698
DMV - 72
MF - .00145 (seems juiced but SM is saying that it was updated 4/10)
Residual - 80%
Tax rate 3% of lease payment
Monthly $337 (i get to 331 on calculator but close enough)
0 down

Ask Edmunds about incentives and base MF for your zip. They don’t have Ally or US Bank numbers but should for SETF.

This is US Bank.

Which dealer did you go?

sent you a PM

Is the SM right? I think we are seeing rebates from US Bank on Tundras.

Wow, I just double checked that info, and they actually don’t have any rebates in SE Toyota, but they will have certain Dealer rebates that go on the back.

In Central Texas, if you are on a TSS SR5, we can about do $10,000 off depending on the configuration.

He said other regions may be, but that the SE Business wasnt

yeah he said they were getting more aggressive than others on price but he couldnt compete with rebates and MF differences.

Wow so SETF and US Bank have no rebates down there. That’s going to make it tough to see any competitive deals. It’s not a bad discount at all.

Find a dealer that uses US Bank, rebates can be used on non-captive, might have to go out of state, higher residual, lower MF and you can use the rebate. That discount looks great but not enough to offset the pluses of US Bank deals right now.

This is a US Bank deal. Hence the 80% residual.

Marked up MF, and just checked, no rebates according to Toyota website, that’s crazy. Everywhere else is $2750 to $3000, they are showing $1000 bonus cash, might be tied to toyota finance. Buy rate is .0011

That’s our region, consisting of OK, MO, KS, and TX. But I don’t know for NC. Should be lower though

Yeah i mean because of the discount, its only 500 over the minimum funding of 2500 so it doesn’t look like a terrible deal, but id love to get that 181 monthly in that other post…ha

Not sure if you can go out of state and get better rebates, but it would be worth it, half the rebate would cover shipping. Crazy how much Toyota rebates vary so much, maybe check some neighboring state zips

Does anyone know whether VA is considered part of SE Toyota?

you reach out to @Jrouleau426 yet?

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SET Finance offers financing to Toyota dealers and consumers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

i did check in with him a few months ago. PA is still shut down, Philly requires a plane ride, and if i can get close without broker, id like to give it a go. 337 on this so far is drive and sign, so add the first month and 499 broker fee (seems like 775 or so based on his thread) and i’m only about 30 bucks off right now.

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