2020 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid XSE - Other Options?

So I am currently trying my best to get a deal on a RAV4 hybrid. No deals exist and salespeople are so unwilling to explain the numbers that they are quoting. I have reached out to 3 dealerships and they can do a 36/12 lease for 575-600+ a month. This is a horrible deal. I only got one dealer to break down their pricing and it doesn’t add up.

MSRP - 37998
Sale Price - 37998
Residual - 25553
MF - .00228
Tax - 7.375% (paid upfront on financed amount per MN law)
Monthly - 575
Due at signing $2750 (no breakdown but they say it includes tax, dealer fees and licensing)

I’m at a loss. Those numbers don’t add up and they are unwilling to explain them. So obviously I’m frustrated with the process so far. Needless to say, I am back to the drawing board. The things that I really want are the safe driving features (lane assist and adaptive cruise), auto start/ heated seats and around 30+ mpg. I would like to have a pano sunroof and apple car play if it fits in the budget. I currently have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I would be willing to get another but the residuals seem low this time around and the MPG is subpar. Any suggestions on how to get a dealer to give more information via email? Also what other SUVs should I be looking at that I could lease for ideally less than $480/month?

What kind of numbers are you expecting on a deal at MSRP? Have you entered those numbers into the calculator?

You should probably forget about trying to lease a RAV4 Hybrid XSE. It’s a very popular model that you’re likely better off buying if you really want it.

There’s lots of SUV options in the high $400 range.

I guess my major concern is that when I’m getting numbers and putting them into the calculator my payment varies greatly from what im quoted. These numbers add up to a $513 payment.

A. I know I need to look a different car because theres no wiggle room on price.
B. How can I get information without spending days of my life at a car dealership? I’m just having trouble getting the information to make an informed decision.

A) Who cares if the payment matches, stop wasting time and move on. You’re not going to get a good deal on a vehicle sold at MSRP with a .00228 MF and no incentives.
B) Wording Emails for the Deal? [How To Negotiate]

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I will definitely go through the info. I know I’m not going to get the deal I want on the RAV so knowing how to pivot in my search info a different car is very helpful. Thanks!

Leasing a hybrid isn’t worth it, you’ll never recoup the :fuelpump: savings over the standard model, guaranteed


Not sure where You located but for that or even better money You can get NX300h

Fixed it to what you intended to say, I think

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