2020 Kia Optima / 2021 Kia K5

Hi all,

I have a 2018 Optima EX leased for $249 a month. Lease is up in November. I’m very interested in the K5, however my research so far reveals a very expensive endeavor. I wanted to start a discussion about the handover of the Optima line to the K5. I was excited about the AWD as well being in the NE (but seems to be pricing itself out).

I’d like to lease a K5; I’m open to financing, I’ve even considered an upper trim 2020 Optima if it will be a decent deal.

I’ve looked at K5 lease packages into the $500s, but that is exorbitant.

Two main questions:

  1. thoughts on working through the system (e.g. purchasing and selling my current lease).

  2. crystal balls / inside info regarding possible development of better plans or incentives on the K5.

Just wanted to start the discussion, thanks in advance!


Theres a thread on the K5 here already. Search it up.

No one can help you with that.
It is a brand new model so it may expensive for a while.

Thanks. I did search, the one I found (New Kia K5 - Optima name gone from US?) didn’t really have any pricing or discussion. I also wanted to bring into it anyone with experience in the realm of Kia having released a lot of new models recently. But also 2020 versus a 2021 when the line changes, etc. Just open it up really.

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AFAIK the 2020 Hyundai Sonata is on the same platform as the 2021 K5… you may have better luck on that.

Either way, buying it for longer term than a lease will probably put you way ahead of a mediocre-to-terrible lease.

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@nym1 I’m in the same boat as you. My Nissan lease is up in November, and I want to reduce my payments down to mid to high $300’s max. Considering purchasing a 2020 Optima due to great pricing, or leasing a K5 GT-Line if the price is right. Haven’t seen any pricing so far at all, so will be following this post for replies along with you. BTW, $249/mo on your EX is a fabulous deal – I would jump on that right now for a 2020! I’m in IL and haven’t seen any great lease deals here, and the Optima EX inventory is rapidly shrinking.

@sandiana The couple dealerships that have gotten back to me so far have not offered competitive GT-Line numbers. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, I just haven’t found yet. The Optima has been a great value proposition for me. I would not mind purchasing a 2020 at the end of its model’s life, however I would still be looking for a payment structure that is comfortable and comparable to what else is out there. Thanks for following, hopefully we can find some.

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If the K5 is what you really want and your lease is up in November, then go for the full spec GT. It will be coming in November (early-mid) heck you can even add the GT 1 package on it. (see below)


Keep in mind these K5s will not lease for cheap in their first couple months to maybe a year even (let’s not forget covid19 impact on manufacturers) just like the new Sonatas when they released people were leasing from 350+. Would you pay 400?+ for a K5? I’d rather get a Telluride at that point or even a GT-Line Stinger. However if you wait maybe Nov-Dec you can get the LXS for 300?

Depends on the rent charge versus finance charge and lease rebates vs purchase rebates. Not sure I’d blindly encourage anyone to buy a Kia. Good cars but residual is still an issue.


It’s true, and at this leasing price, the cost to finance through KMF is almost the same. Residual issues either way.

IMO RV is one of Kia’s weakest points when it comes down to their vehicle sales, I’ve seen Kia attempt to work with MF to compromise but for some models it just doesn’t work (ex GT+Stinger,Cadenza) you’d rather lease then perform buyout on those models. Only Kia vehicles that lease kinda-well that are on the cheaper spectrum, Rio,Optima,Forte, etc

OP if you are genuinely interested in another Optima get the SX before the year is up I’m sure you will get a better deal than a K5

I think I finally found a dealership in the Chicago suburbs that has a great discount on a K5 GT Line. I’m contacting them tomorrow to confirm pricing online is the real deal, and will then run lease numbers, but I wanted to let you know that I did get a lease quote from another dealer that had me at $367 w/$1K or $397 w/$0 DAS, all in with 7% taxes and all fees. That dealer was only knocking the $900 lease cash off MSRP, though, and no way am I paying full MSRP!

I think this is a fairly accurate worksheet IF the they come thru on they have listed online:

That certainly does look much better than I have seen. I am curious to know if this will hold true when you speak with the dealer. This is with the premium package, correct? Maybe see if you can get a window sticker from them.

@nym1 No premium package; just the Wolf Gray w/Red Interior, Carpeted Floor Mats and Wheel Locks. But it’s the first dealer that has gone down anywhere near that much off MSRP, so if I were to decide to wait for more inventory to get more options, I’d already have identified the dealer giving the best deals. It hasn’t been easy to find different option packages, but there seem to be more and more of them showing up on dealers lots weekly.

Full disclosure for the mods, I work at a Kia dealer, leasehackr member since '18. MF and rebate are correct, but residual at least here in Ohio at 36/12 is 64%. They likely won’t discount the car that much and is probably a gimmick including the KMF finance incentive or plus destination etc. I ran a GT Line premium pkg MSRP $28110 based on taxes here in Ohio and came up with @$349 complete, $0 due at signing. That’s about $1500 off MSRP. Just trying to help and spread some Kia love. Remaining Optimas with the summer sticker are fantastic deals but good luck finding any of the upper trims at least around here.


Hi @bigdaddydb, thanks for the info. Do you think that the discount on the remaining Optima SX supply will be negated by the high demand for limited volume?

Thanks so much for the info! Not all that surprisingly, the dealer didn’t give the breakdown I requested … instead, I got the “schedule an appt to come in and meet with our manager to go over pricing”. I am leery of any dealership that won’t give up-front pricing, and I really appreciate you taking the time to provide such helpful info! Wish I lived closer to you in OH :slight_smile: cuz I’d be leasing from you. (I sent you a PM, as well.)

Regarding the Optima SX, first you have to find one…then you have to find one that has the Summer Sticker. I believe as of yesterday the inventory finder on Kia.com is denoting the inventory that has the sticker (extra bonus cash). We are a high volume dealer in a competitive market so my mindset is to take every deal…this is definitely not true across the board and I wouldn’t blame a dealer for not being as aggressive with key inventory, especially in the current climate.

Recent numbers I’ve received are residual 58% for the GT-line and 310 MF on a 36/12(I think). That MSRP is $28,555, sales price is not much less. It sounds like it will be expensive regardless and it might be worth considering financing. I want to see what the AWD option brings.

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Looks like I’m actually going to get a GREAT deal, thanks in large part to the info that bigdaddydb provided! GT Line w/Premium and Carpeted Floor Mats, MSPR $28,555 (so exact same as you’re pricing) coming down the $340s for 36/12 with $0 DAS, even including first month’s payment.

On top of that, my Vroom offer expired today, and the new offer was a big increase – the local dealer I’m working with is buying it from me for all but $370 of that bid which is still higher than Carvana gave (before I realized they won’t buyout an NMAC lease) and $1,500 higher than CarMax and KBB. I asked if he could sweeten it further to match that figure exactly, but even if he doesn’t, it’s a great deal.

I wish @bigdaddydb dealership was closer to me, as if so, I would definitely be giving him this business. He has gone way over and above to be helpful, and I hope his good karma flows right back to him.

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I see a 2019 optima sx around here, new. Looks like no longer factory incentives. How does dealer sell this if it’s more expensive than 2020?