New Kia K5 - Optima name gone from US?

Stumbled across the new 2021 Kia K5 “optima” after hearing a couple of co-workers ramble about it. Came across this video what do you guys think? Would you personally drive one? Looks like the Koreans are packing a nice tech punch in their new line-up.

$199/mo? Sure! Honestly I’m leaning towards a Kia/Hyundai electric next go around.(If the numbers are right off course)

Cool… in a couple generations the upmarket version will be called the K9.

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They finally decided the name was not Optima…L

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Why not? The Optima name was never really that iconic IMO. Nothing like Corolla, Camry, and Accord. It really just sounded like rental car.

Hopefully the hybrid and electric versions are not astronomically priced this time.

Agreed the nameplate was never iconic however I believe the name is over 25 years old now going to be a tad bit harder getting used to K5 for me than just Optima. In Korea, it’s always been referred to as the K5 however.

That was the initial plan to release the K900 as the “K9” apparently it just didn’t sound “luxury” enough. At the same time I don’t think people will associate Kia with luxury, hence what Hyundai did with Genesis.

Optima IS K-5 in Korea. K5 = Optima! Understood?

No, it was because they didn’t want you to think it was a car for dogs, so Canine, became Canine-hundred. It’s still called K9 in Korea, however.

Just wanna say, the Korean stinger badging is SOOO much nicer, the Kia logo just… err, there’s a reason people hide it.

What are you trying to say, brah? That is designed by a German

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The Stinger is an amazing vehicle in its class, possibly the best model in Kia’s lineup if only they leased well… However, I would still prefer a G70 over a Stinger IMO

I know it is :laughing:, I almost got a used GT1 with clean title for 26k (higher miles at 4xxxx) and my dad was going to get a RX350 CPO, then we decided to lease. I got a v60cc and he got a s60.

Delete. 2020202020

Definitely made the right choice! Going to be looking for an S60 myself most likely in a couple of months heard the T5 is more than enough power for city day-to-day

Woah… Don’t even…

I had 2 back to back optima leases in the household (my sister) we never had any issue and the ride was good and a looooooot of room in the car! No complaints!! And the new Telluride looks really good too!

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Interesting so you went from a sort-of sedan and your dad an SUV to you getting a sort-of SUV and your dad a sedan…

K5 sounds like a military pay grade or a personal lubricant.


Why is there a 16yo reviewing this car?

Hilarious how he’s mentioning driveability… like what car have you to compare in the 6 months total you’ve been driving?

This is a $199 all in car at most, for me atleast.